Thursday, August 30, 2007

Navy Pier and The Thong Lady

Hello All

Here's more of what we did in Chicago.

On Saturday we drove to Downtown Chicago and went to do touristy stuff. First we went to Navy Pier. Which started out as an amusement park, then was used by the Navy during WWII, the eventually went back to an amusement park of sorts. There are tons of shops there and a few rides. We went on the Ferris Wheel and actually had a picture taken of us that wasn't too bad. Which for my family is a MAJOR deal, none of us are very photogenic except Katie and Zac. They will pose for almost anything and it comes out great, the rest of us always come out looking like duds. Maybe it's because we detest having our picture taken. I guess attitude could have something to do with it. I wish my scanner worked so I could post it. Maybe I'll try to find the old scanner.

As I was saying we went to Navy Pier. There were a lot of boats to take you out on Harbor Cruises. The first few were the yacht kind that hold hundreds, kind alike the ones you saw on "Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous". The line for these stretched on forever, maybe because they were the first ones in line and all the senior citizens didn't want to walk far.
Farther on there were 2 old wooden ships made to look like Pirate ships. I really wanted to do that one. But at $75 a person times 5? I don't think so.
Eventually we found a boat all the way at the end of the Pier. So here are some pictures taken from the boat.

First up is a pic of the fountain that you see in "Married with Children" I can't remember the name.

This one was taken looking North

That tall one is the Sears Tower, if I remember correctly.

This is of Navy Pier

Boy I am such an informative tour guide aren't I?

This one is Katie, see what I mean about posing? Ain't she cute?

We did not have alot of time a Navy Pier as we had reservations at Medieval Times for the 4 o'clock show. There was a lot more I would have like to have seen. I was particularly interested in the Stained Glass Museum. I mentioned it to the others and their eyes glazes over just like the glass I wanted to look at. Of course we had to go to Build a Bear, can't miss one of those can we?

Then we went to Medieval Times as I said. I have no pics for you as the camera is schizophrenic and won't work half the time and you aren't allowed to take pics during the show as it spooks the horses, but here is a link

Medieval Times

I know it is hokey and cheesy but I love it. I could live at the Renaissance Festival. I think sometimes I was born 500 years too late. Until I think of indoor plumbing, air conditioning , furnaces, chocolate and don't forget Def Leppard.
Also you know I wouldn't have been one of those princesses waited on hand and foot , with all the beautiful clothes. I would have been one of the drudges in the field or laundry

I completely forgot to tell you what I saw at the Pass and Review! OMG!!
In walks this woman. She is older than me, closer to 50. Wearing tight, tight, short, very short, see through white shorts. The kind that are cut up to there and down to there. Then she has on a blue and white striped pseudo sailor shirt that would have been too small on Katie. Plus 5 inch heels and to top it all off she had a mint green thong on, which of course you could see through the shorts and above them. I about choked when I saw her. Guess where she sat for 2 1/2 hours? Right in front of me, basically on my feet. Every time she stood up to go potty ( which was 5 times in that time) she would stand up wiggle her butt and preen herself. Poor Dennis would look at her and his eyes got about the size of baseballs...........and not in good way. Of course her younger trophy husband thought she was the hottest thing there. He struck up a conversation with Dennis and told him all kinds of personal things. I was waiting to see if KeptMan asked Dennis if he thought she was hot.
Now I would have been embarrassed as hell to wear that in the first place, but can you imagine how her son felt seeing her in that get up? Zac would have walked away and never talked to me again.She probably told KeptMan she had the kid at 15. She was from New York, need I say more?


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chicago- Flying

Hello All

As a result of going to Chicago, the girls got to go on their first plane trip. These were take by Katrina. They were very excited about the prospect of flying. It seems to to them, and is probably true , that they were the last one of their friends and classmates to fly. We have gone on 2 vacations to Disneyland with the kids when they were younger. But having 5 kids makes a budget tight so we always drove. Our kids are very good car travelers, they had to be. Back when gas was reasonable , driving was our chief form of entertainment. I think that it made our kids appreciate the true vacations more. All 5 love Disney and we are planning another trip this year. Our kids definitely have not been spoiled and know how to enjoy life rather than being jaded as so many now are. There are advantages to having a large family and spending money on more important things as a great early education, than new cars and new houses in just the right neighborhood every few years.

Ok, off the soap box

Getting to Chicago itself is an adventure in itself. First the 4 hour drive from Cowboyland to Denver and Denver International Airport. Then the flight to Chicago. Which was actually to Rockford, Illinois,.Who knew when booking that Chicago area airports included ones 70 miles away? Now in Colorado, a 70 mile trip would take less than an hour. It took us 3 hours, what with the traffic and really screwed up Google Map directions. Such as go north on Southbound I 93, okay I can figure out that one pretty easy. But how the hell do you tell which way is north with no compass in the car and no mountains to tell you which way is west?

And another thing. TOLL ROADS? Pleeeaaaaassse, don't you people have those roads paid for yet?. I only know of one in Colorado and it will be paid off years early. And where did they learn how to drive? Kiss Your Ass Goodbye School of Driving? Geeezzz

I Love Chicago, it is the only big city I would ever consider moving to. But I would have to hire me a chauffeur and wear a blindfold

At least the flight was fun. AND I didn't get pulled out of line to be patted down like the last 3 times I flew.

Last time I flew out of O'Hare, I was wearing my bright red Mickey Mouse overalls and the picked me out of line to a very THOROUGH pat down. I guess I was their proof that they weren't profiling." See we picked this 36 year old , WASP as can be, housewife from Colorado wearing Mickey overalls for God's sake , how can we be profiling?"


Navy Man

Hello All

First of all let me preface this post by saying, sometimes I have a hard time getting the pics in order that make sense and getting multiple blog entries in order. So bear with me please.

As many of you know, my second son Zac has joined the US Navy. He just got finished with bootcamp, so we flew to the Chicago area to see his Graduation. I am so glad we we did, first of all to see Zac, but second because I did not know what a big deal it was. When the hubby had his Pass and Review, 22 years ago, we were told it wasn't and not many families go. Now however over 90% of the recruits had their families there , so if you have the opportunity to attend, make sure you do

First is a pic of Zac in his dress whites. Doesn't he look handsome? He gained 15 lbs in training and now that boy can eat!! Half a large true Chicago deep dish pizza by himself , the rest of us didn't even finish the other half. This picture is illegal by the way. I forgot that we were not to take photos outside the Drill Hall, so enjoy your fling with the law!

The second is of the sailor himself on a sightseeing boat in the Chicago harbor from Navy Pier. I think this was the first real boat he was on. Other than the Paddle boat at Disneyland, as that is actually on a track under the water. The building behind him is the Shedd Aquarium.

In bootcamp they have a very realistic battle simulation , called oddly enough "Battlestations" who would have thought?! Zac says that there is actually a small lake inside a building and a replica of part of a real ship floating on it, that the drill is performed on. He also says it is very realistic down to sound effects and pyrotechnics.However he can't say too much more as it is supposed to be a surprise to the newer recruits, so it is more realistic. Let's just say that Disney Imaginears must have has a hand in it

The third is of Zac and his sisters, Molly and Katrina. Suffice it to say the girls were very happy to see their big brother. Though I think by Saturday night HE may have been happy to return to base as the girls can be overwhelming sometimes. He was probably glad for the quiet of the 85 other people in his compartment. Even the ones yelling "YES DRILL SARGENT" in their sleep

BTW both girls are seriously considering the Navy too.

The last 2 are of Pass and Review, he IS in them. I just dare you to find him!

Next stop for Zac is San Antonio, Texas for his "A" school. He will be there for 7 weeks then he can come home on leave for 2 weeks before he is deployed. He will find out where that will be in September

We were so happy to see him and I think he was happy to see us too. Even though Daddy and I had MAJOR discussions on navigating Chicago traffic. Let's just say 'DON"T"

Why is it so hard to have roads that continue on in a somewhat orderly fashion and have some kind of sensibility when naming them? Why, oh why must a road have 3 different names?

And why don't they have road signs that display them all? We sure regretted leaving the GPS in the car in Denver.

More pics of our adventures in Chicago in the next post


Friday, August 17, 2007

My First 3 Hearts

Hello All

I have just recently joined the Chains of Hearts group on Yahoo. These are the first three I have done. These little guys a very addictive to make. A beaded one takes me about 4 hours.
These have already been spoken for. The first one goes to Margeet in The Netherlands, the 2nd to Helina in Finland and the 3rd to Susie in England.
I guess I better get moving and make some more. I'll some Unicorn and fairy ones to take on the drive to and from Denver and the flights to and from Chicago. I figure half a dozen blocks and 2 new 1000 page books should keep me busy most of the time.
These are only 6" across and are easy to do. If you are looking for a no pressure way to stretch your skills, this is the group for you. You make up the hearts on your own schedule and post when you are ready. Definitely much less stress than a RR or some of the swaps with deadlines
Give it a thought


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Congratulate Me and A Request

Hello All

I have been BUSY. You should congratulate me too. I am ahead of schedule. The blocks for the CYOT RR aren't due until the 15th and I have been done with it since the 6th.
This is Flora's block that gives us our theme. I think the Palm tree border is very unusual and imaginative.

This is my block. The seashells and starfish are real. I tried very hard to get these sewed on well. But I am not too optimistic. I didn't want to glue them on as some people have a real problem with gluing things. I will leave it up to Flora to decide. On to Janet next.

This is my naked block for the Beaded RR on CQI. I call it 'Enchanted Garden'. I am hoping for lots and lots of beads and butterflies and fairies. As I was doing a seam for Flora's block I was struck by how much I like the lt. blue, lavendar and pale green color combination. So that is what inspired this. I didn't have this mailed out until the 15th also and I mailed it yesterday. YAY

Next up is my block for the Season to Season swap RR. Fairly obvious this is for Fall. We make our block then finish half then send it on to Gerry and she sends it to our swap partner to finish. My youngest son thinks my tree spirit looks like a mutant alien carrot. Aren't teenagers a ball?This isn't due until September 1st.

Let's see what else do I have to do? I have Jaki's block fo the Fairy Tale RR. It is really empty so I have a lot to do on it. Then I have Nancy's Elvis block to do. I will post pics of her blocks so far. The funnest thing I have to do is to do a naked block for the "Favorite Song" RR. I am doing "Stairway to Heaven" There is enough imagery in that one for several blocks. I just have to figure out how I want to do it

But I haven't been doing everything I should be. I haven't done the the blouses that were thrust on me to do. I really hate ironing and I have 6 4 yard pieces of fabric to do . YUCK

Instead I have been making my first hearts for the Chain of Hearts group. They are so much funner to do

I know my posts aren't the most interesting to read. I used to be able to write the most interesting things , but as the Cosby routine says' I was an intelligent woman...................before the children"

So let's try something different, please leave some ideas you would like to see more of on my blog. Then I will set a more even schedule and have more time to work on my posts so they are a little more enjoyable

Oh BTW, Hubby and I and the girls are going to Chicago at the end of the month to see #2 son's graduation from Navy bootcamp. He is loving it now especially the firefighter training. I am so proud of him, he was scared to death but now is completely into the experience. It doesn't hurt that Chicago is the only big city I LOVE. I would ALMOST be tempted to move from Cowboyland

Please make sure to leave me some feedback on what you would like to see on this blog. Don't want to bore you to death do we?


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Janet's Egyptian Blocks

Hello All

These are the blocks I received from Janet in the Swap. I didn't forget you. I just didn't have enough room in the other post and I wanted yours all together.I saw all these while we were working on them. I was hoping I would get at least one of them. Janet ended up with 2 of mine.

What is so neat these blocks is that Janet got a book from the library that gave the word meanings of the hieroglyphs. So each block is named and has it written on them.

I just love Janet's work, all her stitching is delicate. I have infected her though, she is using more beads on her work.
I've got some actual sewing to do. Why do people feel free to dump their sewing on me when they find out I sew? A lady that works with hubby found out I sew , so she took it into her head to buy fabric for 6 ginormous tops and gave it to him telling him to have me make them up for her. Now this is a big woman, 5ft 9in and 300 lbs. Quite frankly she scares me, and she has a huge mouth and will make hubby's life miserable if I send them back. So I guess I am stuck. I'm thinking $30-$40 each, then at least it will make a dent on the kids' back to school clothes.
I've been CQing so much lately that I am not sure I know how to handle pieces of fabric bigger than 12". LOL
Maybe I'll just go back and look at my Egypt blocks for a while

Egyptian Blocks

Hello All

If you remember a while back I made some Egyptian blocks for a swap. These are the ones I received back.

This first one is from Sharon. It is much more colorful in person. My camera was washing everything out today.I particularly like the croc and the pyramid buttons.

This block is from Peggy. Aren't all the beads great?

These next two are from Julie. I saw these on her blog I think it was and I said to myself "I WANT that one and that one" I'm so lucky I got them. I especially like the Pharaoh jewelry piece on the first one and cat and the sequin seam treatment on the second.

This last one is from Gerry. It is on the home page of CQN. There is so much here that is great that I don't know where to start. I think the camel is my favorite

Thank you all for all your hard work. I love them . As soon as I get a chance I will be making them into a wallhanging. You all did a great job!


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nancy's 12 Dancing Princesses

Hello All
I have been working on Nancy's block '12 Dancing Princesses' for the Fairy Tale RR. This block was huge and there was a LOT of empty space left on it. Only Jaki is to work on the block after me so I went crazy. I hate to see blocks go home half naked.

This is what the block looked like when it left Nancy

This is Siw's work. This is very detailed. I am sure it took her quite a while to do it. Isn't it great?

The king on the white patch was added by Leona

This is what it looked like when I got done. I TOLD you I went crazy!Everything else you see was added by me. I dyed all the laces you see.I have the locked door that the princesses got out of every night. The Castle by the lake, glows in the dark because of the all night party. You can also hear the music as I added a music box.Included are the slippers, in a rose garden, they wore out every night
Here is a closeup of the castle

I will be sending this out to Jaki tomorrow.

Next up Flora's CYOT block, "Pineapples and Palm Trees'

THEN my naked block for the Beaded RR on CQI

THEN my half embellished block for the Season to Season Swap on CQN. I will post a pic of that tomorrow

THEN I need to finish off Jaki's block 'Frogs Bring Rain" It is pretty bare, so I will try to add alot.

I also have the needlecase with the kilted men to finish AND I might be doing another Swap

I also have to make school clothes for the girls and get 3 kids ready for school. And oh yeah, I am also flying to Great Lakes for my son's graduation from Navy Bootcamp. I think. We still haven't heard from him about the cardiologist appt. So I am guessing he is still there.

So I have nothing really to do.