Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hello All
Contrary to evidence before your eyes. I have not disappeared. I have been working on this quilt. My old digital camera decided to start acting all funky. The dial would say it was off, then the lens would come out and it would be ready to take a picture even though it says off. HMMM?

Then I could not find the correct of 2 cables for my hubby's. I'd find one when I needed the other.

All 9 blocks are now sewn together. I just cannot manage to get a good pic of it. So here are some pics of what I have done.
The treasure chest is not done. I am still waiting for some crown charms. There will also be a skeleton

I have figured out I made a miscalculation on my finished size. Each side now is 36 inches. But the diagonal is 48 inches . So to make it round I have to add at least 12 inches to it/ I am good at math just not geometry. Oh Well!!
Good thing I did not have the frame made before I finished. I was afraid something like this would happen

Enjoy the pics