Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Hello All

We had a nice Christmas here at home. On the 23rd we drove t Denver to see my husbands family, Father, 8 of 10 sibs, 14 of 19 cousins plus various inlaws. What fun! By the time we got to Denver all the snow was off the streets from the blizzard but there were 4 ft drifts and plowed snowbanks up 12 feet high.

We came back here Christmas Eve, a 4 hour drive, even more fun as it was snowing again when we left.

But we has all of kids with us so it was worth it.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

Here are some pics of the kids with their loot and even some smiles out of the boys!!



Saturday, December 23, 2006

Guess Where I Am?

Hello All

Guess where I am?

I am in the car traveling from Grand Junction to Denver. My hubby got me a card for my computer so that I can now literally get on the Internet anywhere. 4 of the 5 kids are in the car watching their movies and on the PS2. I have to say my kids are really good car travelers. We usually don't have any arguments until about half an hour before we get to Denver. My hubby is switching between his XM radio and Sirius radio. We are such geeks!!!!

I have taken some pictures of Glenwood Springs and Glenwood Canyon. I did loose the signal for a few minutes when you see the pics you will see why. Isn't life so interesting now? I took photos with my digital camera , then put the card in the computer then get on the Internet with a laptop and then everyone can see what I am doing going down the road. I must say again I AM A GEEK.

My children have no clue what it was like when we were kids. Only 3 TV channels, 4 if you got PBS. The phone stayed in the house connected to the wall. Photos were taken on film that you took into a store to be developed and it took at least a week to get them back. You didn't do anything wit the TV but watch Gilligan's Island repeats. Car trips were torture, you read a book(gasp) and listened to really bad AM radio farm reports

These pics show you why I could never live anywhere other than Colorado.I have talked to people who love the ocean and feel a pull towards it. That is how my family is with mountains , if we can't see some we feel disconnected and have no idea which way is which. LA was completely disconcerting to us. I personally can't look at the ocean for more than a minute at a time. I feel like I am falling off the edge. I guess I am strange.

Maybe I'll post some more tomorrow as we drive back from Denver.Maybe I'll be able to get a pic of Santa on his journey


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Pics

Hello All

I thought you might enjoy some pics of our house at Christmas. The tree is white but the blue lights make it look very different. You can still see some of the left over snow from the storm about a month ago. Hopefully we will get a little more for the holidays so it seems more Christmasy



Thursday, December 14, 2006

More of Kids of the World Quilt

Hello All

Here are some more pics of the quilt as promised! Sorry for the fuzziness of some

Art MEME Re-challenge

Hello All
A while back I responded to Jo in NZ's art MEME challenge. This is where you agree that you will make and give to 5 people who respond to your challenge a piece of your artwork. No matter what that may be. In exchange they post it on their blog ( or I suppose you could put it out some other way) and do the same for 5 other people. Kind of a pay it forward dealie. I didn't have any takers last time. In part I think because I didn't have a lot of people looking at my blog at that time and because almost everybody on the CQ groups were doing it too.
So if you are interested let me know. If you have already agreed to respond to someone else's MEME that's fine. Just show me where you have posted your challenge and I will include you. Hope to hear from ALL of you!!
Maybe this will give me some motivation to get going and do something!LOL


Monday, December 11, 2006

International Swap

Hello All

I have joined a swap. It matches up a US partner with one from somewhere else in the world. 4 times next year we will swap"squishies". These are plastic baggies filled with small pieces of fabric, trims, beads and embellishments.
My swap sister is named Samanthi and she lives in Sri Lanka. Ratnapura to be exact. She has jungles, elephants and gem mining. The second pic above is from that area. The third is what Grand Junction looks like right now. That's the Colorado River that eventually flows through the Grand Canyon. The last pic is of the Colorado National Monument in the summer. It doesn't do the place justice. You should see how REALLY red these rock formations are in person. In Western Colorado we have the Rocky Mountains AND desert conditions, tumbleweeds as big as cars, deer and skunk, and natural gas drilling. I guess you can't get too much different can you?

The only way I could think of to give her an idea of what it is like here was to tell her it is a lot like the old western movies especially the John Wayne ones. She knew about those, in fact she like to read westerns.Whereas the only western I have ever been able to finish was Lonesome Dove. I read Fantasy books about Dragons, Trolls and Fairies. Samanthi knows what these are but probably thinks I am really strange for reading about those things.
I told her I have red hair then she wanted to know if I looked like Julia Roberts. I wish! Isn't it funny how American Pop Culture shows up everywhere?
Of course that is the whole point isn't it? To get know something about somewhere else.

Well need to get going, have to pick up the puppy from the vet's. Doing my part to keep doggie overpopulation down. As stupid and clumsy as this Husky is I think I am doing the world a favor by not letting him procreate! By the way his name is Ulric and I think he is channeling his inner Viking


Monday, December 04, 2006


Hello All,
I mistakenly said this challenge was from Judyth. My mistake. It came from Lesa the Group Mom. My only excuse is that Judyth is on the board SOOO much (LOL) that sometimes as a newbie to the board I get confused. I am really sorry. If you haven't been to the board go check it out. It is for any one not just newbies.Judyth is a hoot and you won't be sorry. Lesa and JK the other list Mom are great at taking care of everyone


I'm SOOO Spoiled

Hello All, I just wanted to brag a bit. My hubby bought me a brand new laptop for Christmas so I have been playing with it all weekend. It's so nice not to hear grinding, popping, hissing and whirring whenever I turn on a computer. If I can tear myself away I will post a pic of it. Then MAYBE I will get to some CQing


Friday, December 01, 2006

Judyth's Challenge

Hello All

In one of the groups I belong to, CQ for Newbies, a challenge has been issued to use or display an item you have made. One that has been hidden away until........

You know what I mean until you find the right spot or get around to framing it or whatever. I am posting a quilt I did about 4 years ago. I just had no where to hang it until we moved in June.

This is from an embroidery pattern I got from Ebay. It dates from the forties, hence Alaska and Hawaii as their own countries not as America.
I'll post more pics when I get some non blurry ones

I lied, I did not get around to doing anything yesterday.I was too busy dreading work.

There is still some hope for today! Maybe

Later, Lauri