Sunday, January 27, 2008

Season To Season Block- Fall

Hello All

I am in Seasonal RR on CQ for Newbies. The first block we did was Fall.

This is the block "Nekkid" as we call a non embellished block

This is what it looked like after my half of the embellishments. That in the left corner is supposed to be a tree spirit

This is how it looked after my swap partner, JK, added hers. Her stitching is delicate and straight! I love what she added.

Here is what it looks like now. After I made my Winter block I realized I had the silk leafy trim in 4 different colors perfect for each season and that I had at least a dozen of the fairy buttons so I decided to make it an ongoing theme in all 4 blocks. So here it is in it's finished state.... I think


Friday, January 18, 2008

OK I Get It..

Hello All,
I get it I need to post more, but as I said I am not a winter person. I HAVE been CQing. I just finished up Jo's Beaded RR block, plus did my bit on 2 more Your Favorite Song blocks. So I haven't been completely hibernating. I will post on those later, but first I wanted to show you my finished Beaded block. Thank you so much Jo, Carol, Cheryl and Leslie for all the work you did on it, It is beautiful!!!
The only thing I want to do is bead the yellow flowers in the center patch and maybe cover up some of the black lines in the drawing. I am so happy with this block.
Here it is naked And here is the finished product. I am sorry I chopped some of it off

If this doesn't give you inspiration I don't know what will.
Thank you again for all your work girls!!

Friday, January 04, 2008


Hello All

I am deep in my mid Winter doldrums. I am not a winter person. From November through the end of March I want nothing other to sleep ALL day long and I would if I could. I find little joy in anything during this time. My poor winter baby ( who will be 17 on January 8th) is the only time I felt half alive in the winter. Though he did have to deal with a very drowsy mother. I think I overcompensated with him when he was a baby. Being born 2 weeks after Christmas in the middle of a Colorado winter and the 10th Grandson in a row without any girls. (There are still only 6 girls out of 23 grandkids) I think we were the only ones to be excited to see him. So I called him "The Baby" until he was almost 4, I don't think he knew his real name until he was 3

Ain't he cute?

Though on a better note ,that is the winter I discovered the Internet. I have had the same email address for 16 years. Though there were so few people on that I don't think I actually got a non spam email for about 4 years. LOL

I have some RR commitments due. One is due tomorrow and I haven't even started. ( Don't listen to that Gerry!!) I know I can get it done I just need to get off my sleepy butt. I have even hit all the stores ( Joann's , Michael's, Hobby Lobby. Wal Mart and 3 other local stores)and haven't even seen anything I wanted to buy. Man !! I must be in a slump

Here is a pic of the kiddos at Disneyland. I'm off to take a nap