Monday, July 27, 2009

Recent Additions

Hello All
Here are a few closeups of my recent additions to the Under The Sea Quilt


Friday, July 24, 2009

Yo!!! Retreat Ladies

Hello All

As some of you may know I am going again to Crazy Quilt Retreat. This year in Breckenridge. Hubby and I and the girls took a detour thru Breckenridge on the way to Denver this afternoon. to check it out. Hubby likes me to know where I am going so I get familiar with an area before I drive there by myself. It really does forestall a lot of problems.Such as me loosing my temper when I get lost. Not that I do that very often ( yea right:)

So above is a pic of the house most of the ladies will be staying at

And to whet your appetites for the mountains . Here are a few pics to get you started

There is quite a bit of touristy shopping there which is always fun. Also a few bead stores and a brand new Christmas Shoppe. I love Christmas Shoppes!!!
I think it might be fun if we went on a picnic one afternoon to Lake Dillion which is about 20 minutes away. It is a crime to come to Colorado and not see the Mountains and do a little bit of sight seeing
Hope to see LOTS of you there. We are up to 17 so far

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ain't Gonna Happen

Hello All

Just some pics to get you up to date. It ain't gonna happen. This quilt will not be done by the 17th. I could have rushed it and got it done. But I have put so much time, effort and money into this that I don't want to rush it just to get it done,
I'd say the embellishments are about 80% done at this point. Then I need to put the 9 blocks together and do MORE embellishing.
Then I need to add some pieces to the sides so this will be round
The act of actually putting this quilt together with its false back and the quilting, then the real back and the binding will take at least 10 days

So this will be for next year. Stay tuned though I plan to keep working on this to have it done for the Retreat in September