Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Hello All
Well it's been awhile! I have been trying to load a new post but Blogger is being screwy. I can't get my pictures to load
So I loaded a bunch of photos to my Flikr site. There is a link over in the sidebar. While there you can click ( or double click) on the photos to make them bigger and see the detail better
This is what I have been obsessed with. I have looked at it every day for over 2 1/2 months. Some days something clicks other days it doesn't. This purse was to be done for the contest on CQI but I am just now almost done
Now to the part I hate. The assembly. I am trying to be very careful and meticulous about assembly. I want to enter this into the County Fair and don't want the finishing details to kill my chances
As you can see it is quite colorful. I can't seem to do monotone or tranquil. What do you think of it NuMom? Enough colors?
It's also quite heavy, maybe 4lbs?
I know some of you would like more commentary . I will try. I am just not a very talkative person. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer them
I have decided to go to the Adventures in Crazy quilting Seminar in Glastonbury, Connecticut in April so I am sure I will see some of you there.
Hope you enjoy this piece of obsession!