Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gerry's Spider Block

Hello All

Here are some pics of the part I did on Gerry's block. The bird is my first attempt at beading a design. I think it looks a little more Picasso than I intended

The web was done with hologram thread so it changes colors when it is moved

I hope Gerry likes it!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Well I Did It

Hello All

Well I did it. I picked up a needle for the first time in months and actually got something done.
I have some sort of muscle and nerve damage done to my left shoulder from where a bolt of fabric dropped on my about 8 years ago when I worked in a fabric store. And from time to time my shoulder and whole arm will hurt like (*&(^^$$# and go numb at the same time. Have I told you this before? I think I might have. It's just been so long since I posted and I am too lazy to save this post and go look. So there you go

Many months ago I signed up for an Underwater Fantasy RR, I completely forgot about it then one day out of the blue Igot a notice that it was full and ready to go. I didn't really feel like doing it but I went ahead.

And this is the result

This is Karrin's block. Poor Karrin, she used such pretty batik fabrics and I completely obliterated them. In my usual style, I encrusted it. Over encrusted probably. But I LOVE it so I feel not much remorse.

I found a pic on the net years ago where another CQer had done a castle this way. I knew someday I had to do it myself.
Believe it or not every seam on this was embroidered in some sort of seam treatment. You just can't see for all the beads
I hope Karrin likes it.
BTW you can click ( or is it double click on the photos and you can get a much larger view of them)
Back to work,