Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wow, here again

Hello all,

2 posts within 2 weeks , I'm  on a roll.

Here's block 2, before and after beads

The photo of the girl was a bit faded and pale, after judicious  application of colored pencils and another layer of glitter paint, she looks much better


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hello All,
No I haven't died or fallen off the face of the Earth. Just haven't had much to say. To be honest , blogging is quite stressful to me. It seems to me ( at least when done by me) to be an exercise in saying " I,I, I" 
I did this, then I did that etc..
When I was in high school my favorite English teacher taught me this kind of writing was of the worse order and to be avoided at all costs. Knowing this makes writing very difficult for me.  I (see?) Know how to write fairly well actually but don't have the patience to do it correctly at this point in my life.
Trying to write a blog about the art you do, does tend to the "I,I,I"  scenario. So there will be times when there will be only photos. If you questions please feel free to ask and I will answer ASAP

During my time away I have been busy with my CQing and with crocheting. Plus my fairy gardens and at least 10 other ' crafty' things

This block is one of a set of 9 started in 2010 when I attended the CQI retreat .Needing a small project to work on this project was born

This group have been brought out a couple times a year , but nothing much got accomplished 
This year , the CQI Retreat was in Kansas City, so  I couldn't  bring my usual haul of projects to work on
For some reason this time these blocks were finally talking to me.
Here is the first one with all the embroidery  done

 And here it is fully beaded. As you can see it makes such a transformation  with all the beads added

It feels good to get back to what I feel is my style. My hexagon project (  which was started almost 5 years ago, before the current hexagon fad started)  is quite enjoyable and I am happy how it is turning out. However each block is a color study and it gets a bit tedious working with only one color.

Color is my thing as we all know . So these blocks are a nice change of pace

Hopefully you will see me back next week with the next block done.