Thursday, June 28, 2007

CYOT Ann's Block

Hello All

The top photo is Ann's sample block for the Choose Your Own Theme RR . Her theme fabric is the light gold one with the lavendar, blue and green fans. The theme itself is Japan. Ann didn't have a chance to completely finish her sample, she will finish it when it is returned. Ann says she hasn't much experience with seam treatments but wanted them on her block. She also said she was just learning SRE. But I think hers and the sample block proves that she is off to a great start

The second pic is of my pieced block and the third is my block with butterfly embellishments. I don't know if butterflies are actually a japanese theme but I liked how it went with this block

I have started the embroidery, using only varigated Wildflower thread. This is working out pretty well. There is so much lace and pattern from the fabric that traditional colors and seams might have been too much.

I will finish the seams and add the beads later today and get it to Janet soon.

As always don't forget you can double click on he photos for a closer look


Last of The Egyptian Blocks

Hello All

Well here they are the last of the Egypt blocks. Again I must make the he disclaimer that they are not quite done. I still need to add beads.

The Cleopatra block on top just doesn't look right to me. Cleo and the asp (?) I did all in satin stitch and I like how they turned out. The block just doesn't hit me yet. Maybe it is because I used no print fabrics, only solids and blenders. I'll keep working on it for a few more days until I send them to JK.

The 3rd one, of tomb paintings is my version of a collage.I am thinking that I will not bead this one. It looks more authentic without them.

The King Tut on the last is very heavily embroidered and also colored in with pencil.It probably took me all in all about 9-10 hours on that little patch all by itself

Now I have never done a block swap before, so whoever receives my blocks be prepared. These are not always square. Then I thought I was doing something good and ironed on knit interfacing to them before I beaded. The end result is that some of my blocks are a little puckered, but not as much as they look in the pics. I am sorry in advance for that.

Otherwise I am happy with my results and think they turned out well.

I will try to post one last photo of all of them completely done before I mail them off in a week or so


Monday, June 18, 2007

More than a Peeve, less than a Rant.

Hello All

I have been busy working on my Egyptian blocks, I am now up to 8.

Here is what is bothering me. I read my list of blogs everyday, and the thing that irks me is this.


Your home country would be nice too

I don't mean your whole name, I understand the reasons for that, safety and all. But it really annoys me to go to a blog and not know who it belongs too. There are times I would like to comment and I don't want to leave a message that says" Hey you, enjoy your work"

Let's face it most people who go to our blogs get there because of their interest in Crazy Quilting, and how dangerous are we?

I'm not saying give out your name, address and phone number. I know some people post pics of their kids and grandkids, I do sometimes. You don't want to give out any personal info JUST in case there is a weirdo out there.

But it really helps to connect us to your blogs if there is a name to go with eye candy.

Just a thought

I'll post more pics later of my blocks,


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Egyptian Swap Blocks 2,3,and 4

Hello All
Here are my next three blocks for the Egyptian Theme Swap. The King Tut one is one of my favorites. All the stitching is done in shades of blue and gold only. The next two have as a center motif, patches that I embroidered. They each took about 2 days to do.
These are only about 1/3 done, at least to my way of thinking.
I still have small motifs, hieroglyphs and beads to do.
I also have 1 more pieced and ideas for 3 more.
My plan was to do one for each person in the swap. However seeing as there are 15 and I have a whole block to do for the Create Your Own Theme RR due July 1st and I haven't started , I don't think that will be happening!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Egyptian Swap Block 1

Hello All

I am really excited about this swap. I have always loved Egypt and archeology. In fact I was convinced I was going to be an Archaeologist, then I realized when I was about 13 that that meant I had to spend a lot of time outdoors and in REALLY hot weather. First I am not an outdoor person. I like to be out if I am under an awning sitting on a chair. Second I do NOT like heat, I have had my swamp cooler on for almost 8 weeks now. SO.............. that line of work was out of the question. Now I have to settle for reading books and watching the Discovery and History Channels
The first photo is of the naked block. That what CQers call their unembellished blocks. I know the mice don't exactly scream serious Egyptian study , but I have had this fabric for about 5 years now and I love it so I had to use it. The second is what I have done so far. I am going to add a bunch of beads and maybe a very small motif. I'd also like to add a black cat button if I can find one. I have 3 more blocks pieced and ideas for about 4 more. Maybe I will make enough so I get a block back from everyone in the swap.
When my oldest son was a baby, about 18 months old, he was in love with the song" Walk Like an Egyptian", by the Bangles. I can still see him jumping in his car seat every time he heard the song. I wonder if I can do a block based on the song?


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Siw's RR Block

Hello All

This is the work I did on Siw's block for the Fairy Tale RR. Her story was "The Lion King" . This is my version of The Circle of Life.
First I painted some muslin with some gesso.After that dried, I used Prismacolor colored pencils to do the plains of Africa. I do wish that it came out with a better texture than it did. All in all it's ok I guess, just not how I had pictured it. Then I added the tree and the grass and the animal charms. I also did the black closed buttonhole and orange spike seam at the bottom. Then next was the wavy chain seam to the right. Everything I tried to add to it either didn't show up against the leopard spots or ended up like all the other seams that are already done. So I just decided to leave it as it was. Sometimes it's a matter of knowing when to leave well enough alone.