Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Remember This?

Hello All
Do you remember this?
It is the Color Study Crazy quilt I made for the Mesa County Fair. I won a blue ribbon and a Judge's choice ribbon
Last Friday I took it to be appraised by Cindy Brick. She has written several quilt books. If you are a Crazy Quilter I am sure you have heard of her.
This quilt is only 30 inches across, so it is fairly small. She did seem impressed by the quilt. At least I think she was LOL
I am very happy to report that it was appraised at $795 . Not bad at all. I was going to be happy with $ 500
I was also encouraged to enter it into some big quilt shows. So I am looking onto that
Cindy also looked at my unfinished Under The Sea quilt top and gave me a lot of hints and suggestions, I am hoping to get that one done after the new year
If you want to follow the saga of the Color Study Crazy quilt, you can follow the archive link in the bottom right hand column of this blog. Go to 2008 , about half way down. I think the first few posts around February sometime
I have been having alot going on in my family life lately. so yo may not hear a lot from me for awhile. I will try to post some of my RR work I have been doing soon

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Hello All

This is about all the CQin I have been doing. Above are my Nekkid Flower Fairy blocks for a DYOB RR

And this is my Lady of the Lake for Amber's Camelot block for the Fantasy Landscape RR

That's about it. I've been crocheting lately. Which is a nice change of pace. But now I remember how much it hurts my elbows and shoulder
Oh Well