Thursday, August 30, 2007

Navy Pier and The Thong Lady

Hello All

Here's more of what we did in Chicago.

On Saturday we drove to Downtown Chicago and went to do touristy stuff. First we went to Navy Pier. Which started out as an amusement park, then was used by the Navy during WWII, the eventually went back to an amusement park of sorts. There are tons of shops there and a few rides. We went on the Ferris Wheel and actually had a picture taken of us that wasn't too bad. Which for my family is a MAJOR deal, none of us are very photogenic except Katie and Zac. They will pose for almost anything and it comes out great, the rest of us always come out looking like duds. Maybe it's because we detest having our picture taken. I guess attitude could have something to do with it. I wish my scanner worked so I could post it. Maybe I'll try to find the old scanner.

As I was saying we went to Navy Pier. There were a lot of boats to take you out on Harbor Cruises. The first few were the yacht kind that hold hundreds, kind alike the ones you saw on "Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous". The line for these stretched on forever, maybe because they were the first ones in line and all the senior citizens didn't want to walk far.
Farther on there were 2 old wooden ships made to look like Pirate ships. I really wanted to do that one. But at $75 a person times 5? I don't think so.
Eventually we found a boat all the way at the end of the Pier. So here are some pictures taken from the boat.

First up is a pic of the fountain that you see in "Married with Children" I can't remember the name.

This one was taken looking North

That tall one is the Sears Tower, if I remember correctly.

This is of Navy Pier

Boy I am such an informative tour guide aren't I?

This one is Katie, see what I mean about posing? Ain't she cute?

We did not have alot of time a Navy Pier as we had reservations at Medieval Times for the 4 o'clock show. There was a lot more I would have like to have seen. I was particularly interested in the Stained Glass Museum. I mentioned it to the others and their eyes glazes over just like the glass I wanted to look at. Of course we had to go to Build a Bear, can't miss one of those can we?

Then we went to Medieval Times as I said. I have no pics for you as the camera is schizophrenic and won't work half the time and you aren't allowed to take pics during the show as it spooks the horses, but here is a link

Medieval Times

I know it is hokey and cheesy but I love it. I could live at the Renaissance Festival. I think sometimes I was born 500 years too late. Until I think of indoor plumbing, air conditioning , furnaces, chocolate and don't forget Def Leppard.
Also you know I wouldn't have been one of those princesses waited on hand and foot , with all the beautiful clothes. I would have been one of the drudges in the field or laundry

I completely forgot to tell you what I saw at the Pass and Review! OMG!!
In walks this woman. She is older than me, closer to 50. Wearing tight, tight, short, very short, see through white shorts. The kind that are cut up to there and down to there. Then she has on a blue and white striped pseudo sailor shirt that would have been too small on Katie. Plus 5 inch heels and to top it all off she had a mint green thong on, which of course you could see through the shorts and above them. I about choked when I saw her. Guess where she sat for 2 1/2 hours? Right in front of me, basically on my feet. Every time she stood up to go potty ( which was 5 times in that time) she would stand up wiggle her butt and preen herself. Poor Dennis would look at her and his eyes got about the size of baseballs...........and not in good way. Of course her younger trophy husband thought she was the hottest thing there. He struck up a conversation with Dennis and told him all kinds of personal things. I was waiting to see if KeptMan asked Dennis if he thought she was hot.
Now I would have been embarrassed as hell to wear that in the first place, but can you imagine how her son felt seeing her in that get up? Zac would have walked away and never talked to me again.She probably told KeptMan she had the kid at 15. She was from New York, need I say more?


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Susan said...

Great tour guide! Brought back some memories of my last trip there. I can't believe the girls weren't clamouring to go to the American Girl Store!