Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chicago- Flying

Hello All

As a result of going to Chicago, the girls got to go on their first plane trip. These were take by Katrina. They were very excited about the prospect of flying. It seems to to them, and is probably true , that they were the last one of their friends and classmates to fly. We have gone on 2 vacations to Disneyland with the kids when they were younger. But having 5 kids makes a budget tight so we always drove. Our kids are very good car travelers, they had to be. Back when gas was reasonable , driving was our chief form of entertainment. I think that it made our kids appreciate the true vacations more. All 5 love Disney and we are planning another trip this year. Our kids definitely have not been spoiled and know how to enjoy life rather than being jaded as so many now are. There are advantages to having a large family and spending money on more important things as a great early education, than new cars and new houses in just the right neighborhood every few years.

Ok, off the soap box

Getting to Chicago itself is an adventure in itself. First the 4 hour drive from Cowboyland to Denver and Denver International Airport. Then the flight to Chicago. Which was actually to Rockford, Illinois,.Who knew when booking that Chicago area airports included ones 70 miles away? Now in Colorado, a 70 mile trip would take less than an hour. It took us 3 hours, what with the traffic and really screwed up Google Map directions. Such as go north on Southbound I 93, okay I can figure out that one pretty easy. But how the hell do you tell which way is north with no compass in the car and no mountains to tell you which way is west?

And another thing. TOLL ROADS? Pleeeaaaaassse, don't you people have those roads paid for yet?. I only know of one in Colorado and it will be paid off years early. And where did they learn how to drive? Kiss Your Ass Goodbye School of Driving? Geeezzz

I Love Chicago, it is the only big city I would ever consider moving to. But I would have to hire me a chauffeur and wear a blindfold

At least the flight was fun. AND I didn't get pulled out of line to be patted down like the last 3 times I flew.

Last time I flew out of O'Hare, I was wearing my bright red Mickey Mouse overalls and the picked me out of line to a very THOROUGH pat down. I guess I was their proof that they weren't profiling." See we picked this 36 year old , WASP as can be, housewife from Colorado wearing Mickey overalls for God's sake , how can we be profiling?"


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Momma Bear said...

next time you come to Chi town tell Me! I'll show you around.

you sould know that next to NY.NY this is the home of graft & corruption?
nothing is payed for, only rented on a 100 year lease( IE. Slodier field!)

I love my city & I can't think of any other place I'd rather live.
of course I've never lived anyplace else so maby I just don't know! G!

any how, I'm glad you had fun!