Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm Stuck!!!!

Hello All

I only have until July 17th to get this quilt done and I have struck a wall.
I don't know what to do next. I have this piece pictured in my mind as one continuous piece. BUT that doesn't necessarily translate into Crazy Quilting, unless you plan VERY carefully beforehand as you piece and embellish your blocks
As we have discussed before I am not much of a planner for my CQ. I like to go with the flow
After a discussion with the hubby, we have decided that I should treat each block on its own and then let it go where it wants
So ok I think I can do that

But first I have to do this. The sandcastle sent straight from you know where!!

First of all it took me a least 3 rough drafts before I got a drawing that I liked that wasn't too complicated. Then I had to dye the thread as I wanted some color to it. Not just plain sand colored, so I dyed white perle cotton with persian gold, blush, seamist and saffron
Next I decided to do it all in small bullion knots so it would look more sand like. BIG MISTAKE!!! I have already put almost 15 hours into this and this is as far as I have gotten. Of course I didn't dye enough thread so I had to try to match it to the first batch ARRRGGGHHH!!!
Can I set this down and work on another block? NO I can't . That's how I am. I like to do my CQ in a logical manner ( oxymoron I know) (See above about going with the flow)

So maybe I will get this done in time but I don't think I will have time to get the border done I want on it. We shall see

Then as if thousands and thousands of knots weren't enough I decided to bead this for Lyn's UTS block. I call it a dolphin but everyone else sees it as a whale. So I guess we will leave it at that

On another topic.
Is it just me or am I a poor writer? When I was in school taking writing classes we were told not to use the same noun or pronoun repeatedly
BUT as a blogger, it is very difficult not to keep saying," I did this, I did that, I made this"
I ( see here it is again) find it very annoying myself especially when I ( again!!) keep doing it.
It is just difficult not to do when describing your own work
Any suggestions would be appreciated and please forgive me for atrocious writing style. Mr Kirch would be hitting me over the head if saw what I have been writing!!!!
Maybe I (!!!) will refer to myself in the third person. Lauri, Mrs Burgesser, Dennis' wife, Sam's Mom, Zac's Mom, Caleb's Mom, Molly's Mom, Katrina's Mom ..........Etc .
Lauri could go on forever with this, as she has lots of kids, pets ,nieces and nephews.

Back to the knot factory


Monday, May 11, 2009

Hello All

Remember this block?

Well here it is now. I wanted to do this one first as I have been patiently waiting to get the castle done

I think I might have overdone but I love it, so no looking back. I just need to make sure the other corner block weighs as much or the whol equilt will tilt to the right .LOL


Friday, May 08, 2009

Blocks 8&9

Hello All

Here are the last 2 blocks

See this pretty seam ? It took me 2 hours to do. Well don't get attached to it. I forgot I had the perfect piece of lace and the only place it fits is right there.
See? I told you I don't plan this out

And here is the last one.

Now I get to audition all the lace, trims and fibers
That should take a week in and of itself
Check back soon, the fun part is now starting


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Marya's Spider block

Here is my addition to Marya's block. I spent 2 weeks looking at this everyday trying to figure out what to add.
This magpie fairy is one of my favorite prints. Once I thought of it the rest was easy . I particularly like the magpie's nest button cluster

Now I am off to do what I consider the fun part of CQing , the embellishing