Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Missing Quilts

Re Printed with permission from Kerry's blog

Please be on the look out. This is one reason I have been reluctant to enter contests and exhibits. It doesn't happen often, But more than you think.

Missing Quilts!

CT Publishing has recently announced that a few quilts, in their guardianship, disappeared after Spring Quilt Market. They've done everything they can do to find these quilts and are now asking for our help to find 3 cover quilts and a table runner.

The quilts have gone missing from a quilt show. Please take a good look at the photos, and watch for these turning up somewhere. CT Publishing, who had these quilts in their possession, has offered a $4,000.00 reward for the return of the quilts. If only one quilt is found, the reward will be pro-rated on the appraised values of the quilt.

It breaks my heart that Allison Aller has lost her beautiful crazy quilt especially. This quilt is such a work of art from Allison's heart and hands, and is definitely irreplaceable.

 These quilts that are missing are not something you can replicate or replace.

I hope you will help increase awareness of missing quilts and help in the effort to get missing quilts back into the hands of the creator and/or respective owners.