Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Janet's Egyptian Blocks

Hello All

These are the blocks I received from Janet in the Swap. I didn't forget you. I just didn't have enough room in the other post and I wanted yours all together.I saw all these while we were working on them. I was hoping I would get at least one of them. Janet ended up with 2 of mine.

What is so neat these blocks is that Janet got a book from the library that gave the word meanings of the hieroglyphs. So each block is named and has it written on them.

I just love Janet's work, all her stitching is delicate. I have infected her though, she is using more beads on her work.
I've got some actual sewing to do. Why do people feel free to dump their sewing on me when they find out I sew? A lady that works with hubby found out I sew , so she took it into her head to buy fabric for 6 ginormous tops and gave it to him telling him to have me make them up for her. Now this is a big woman, 5ft 9in and 300 lbs. Quite frankly she scares me, and she has a huge mouth and will make hubby's life miserable if I send them back. So I guess I am stuck. I'm thinking $30-$40 each, then at least it will make a dent on the kids' back to school clothes.
I've been CQing so much lately that I am not sure I know how to handle pieces of fabric bigger than 12". LOL
Maybe I'll just go back and look at my Egypt blocks for a while


gocrazywithme said...

I got a whole post of my own! That's so cool. I'm very glad we got some of eachother's blocks. I almost suggested that we swap one while they were still in our hands, but it was more fun having JK decide for us. And we got more than one each!

Susan said...

Gorgeous blocks, all of the are. Do you have plans for them now?

Some people are pretty nervy! Time to train your husband to a) keep quiet about your talents; b) explain that you are not a seamstress, but a quilter, and that you don't quilt for hire. =)

Next time, he should know how to turn away the business! Have you told her how much it will cost? Maybe she will think twice about it then.