Sunday, August 12, 2007

Congratulate Me and A Request

Hello All

I have been BUSY. You should congratulate me too. I am ahead of schedule. The blocks for the CYOT RR aren't due until the 15th and I have been done with it since the 6th.
This is Flora's block that gives us our theme. I think the Palm tree border is very unusual and imaginative.

This is my block. The seashells and starfish are real. I tried very hard to get these sewed on well. But I am not too optimistic. I didn't want to glue them on as some people have a real problem with gluing things. I will leave it up to Flora to decide. On to Janet next.

This is my naked block for the Beaded RR on CQI. I call it 'Enchanted Garden'. I am hoping for lots and lots of beads and butterflies and fairies. As I was doing a seam for Flora's block I was struck by how much I like the lt. blue, lavendar and pale green color combination. So that is what inspired this. I didn't have this mailed out until the 15th also and I mailed it yesterday. YAY

Next up is my block for the Season to Season swap RR. Fairly obvious this is for Fall. We make our block then finish half then send it on to Gerry and she sends it to our swap partner to finish. My youngest son thinks my tree spirit looks like a mutant alien carrot. Aren't teenagers a ball?This isn't due until September 1st.

Let's see what else do I have to do? I have Jaki's block fo the Fairy Tale RR. It is really empty so I have a lot to do on it. Then I have Nancy's Elvis block to do. I will post pics of her blocks so far. The funnest thing I have to do is to do a naked block for the "Favorite Song" RR. I am doing "Stairway to Heaven" There is enough imagery in that one for several blocks. I just have to figure out how I want to do it

But I haven't been doing everything I should be. I haven't done the the blouses that were thrust on me to do. I really hate ironing and I have 6 4 yard pieces of fabric to do . YUCK

Instead I have been making my first hearts for the Chain of Hearts group. They are so much funner to do

I know my posts aren't the most interesting to read. I used to be able to write the most interesting things , but as the Cosby routine says' I was an intelligent woman...................before the children"

So let's try something different, please leave some ideas you would like to see more of on my blog. Then I will set a more even schedule and have more time to work on my posts so they are a little more enjoyable

Oh BTW, Hubby and I and the girls are going to Chicago at the end of the month to see #2 son's graduation from Navy bootcamp. He is loving it now especially the firefighter training. I am so proud of him, he was scared to death but now is completely into the experience. It doesn't hurt that Chicago is the only big city I LOVE. I would ALMOST be tempted to move from Cowboyland

Please make sure to leave me some feedback on what you would like to see on this blog. Don't want to bore you to death do we?



gocrazywithme said...

Here's my requests:
1)post the Chains of Hearts you make, and those you receive.
2)post a photo (or photos) of how you store your stash, fabric, threads, beads, etc.
3)take pictures in Chicago of Zac's graduation, and post those.
4)family (and dogs) is always fun to see and read about.
Frankly, I've never read or seen anything on your blog that I thought was boring. Just keep posting!

Jane said...

Lauri, I enjoy your blog just the way it is! I love seeing your CQ blocks and hearing about your life.

Gerry said...

I do believe CONGRATULATIONS are in order. My goodness, what a busy woman you have been!

Your blocks are gorgeous. The Fairy is to die for. I love it.

And you've done an amazing job on your Fall block. I tree is too cool. It's wonderfully creative. What do boys know, anyway? LOL.

Maddie Can Fly said...

Oh Lauri, you don't bore me -- not at all! I love the little fairy on the Enchanted Garden naked block. Where did she come from? And I LOVE the tree -- nothing mutant about it at all. Just lots and lots of work -- you go girl!