Friday, August 17, 2007

My First 3 Hearts

Hello All

I have just recently joined the Chains of Hearts group on Yahoo. These are the first three I have done. These little guys a very addictive to make. A beaded one takes me about 4 hours.
These have already been spoken for. The first one goes to Margeet in The Netherlands, the 2nd to Helina in Finland and the 3rd to Susie in England.
I guess I better get moving and make some more. I'll some Unicorn and fairy ones to take on the drive to and from Denver and the flights to and from Chicago. I figure half a dozen blocks and 2 new 1000 page books should keep me busy most of the time.
These are only 6" across and are easy to do. If you are looking for a no pressure way to stretch your skills, this is the group for you. You make up the hearts on your own schedule and post when you are ready. Definitely much less stress than a RR or some of the swaps with deadlines
Give it a thought



Susan said...

You never bore me to death. =) Post whatever pleases you and I'll read it.

Your hearts are just lovely! Nice composition and lovely stitching. I like the silkies you used in the middles - a little different sort of thing.

I look forward to swapping with you when I get back to hearts, later this year!

Charlene said...

Very nice hearts! Your color scheme and stitching are very pleasing to my eyes!! Makes me want to get back into the CoH's. I've been taking a break from these for a while... You're right - they're fun and addictive!

Candi said...

Lauri, they're beautiful! I can't wait to swap with you.

Margreet said...

I've seen your blog it is fantastic.
What a wonderfull things you've made.
Margreet in Holland.