Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Navy Man

Hello All

First of all let me preface this post by saying, sometimes I have a hard time getting the pics in order that make sense and getting multiple blog entries in order. So bear with me please.

As many of you know, my second son Zac has joined the US Navy. He just got finished with bootcamp, so we flew to the Chicago area to see his Graduation. I am so glad we we did, first of all to see Zac, but second because I did not know what a big deal it was. When the hubby had his Pass and Review, 22 years ago, we were told it wasn't and not many families go. Now however over 90% of the recruits had their families there , so if you have the opportunity to attend, make sure you do

First is a pic of Zac in his dress whites. Doesn't he look handsome? He gained 15 lbs in training and now that boy can eat!! Half a large true Chicago deep dish pizza by himself , the rest of us didn't even finish the other half. This picture is illegal by the way. I forgot that we were not to take photos outside the Drill Hall, so enjoy your fling with the law!

The second is of the sailor himself on a sightseeing boat in the Chicago harbor from Navy Pier. I think this was the first real boat he was on. Other than the Paddle boat at Disneyland, as that is actually on a track under the water. The building behind him is the Shedd Aquarium.

In bootcamp they have a very realistic battle simulation , called oddly enough "Battlestations" who would have thought?! Zac says that there is actually a small lake inside a building and a replica of part of a real ship floating on it, that the drill is performed on. He also says it is very realistic down to sound effects and pyrotechnics.However he can't say too much more as it is supposed to be a surprise to the newer recruits, so it is more realistic. Let's just say that Disney Imaginears must have has a hand in it

The third is of Zac and his sisters, Molly and Katrina. Suffice it to say the girls were very happy to see their big brother. Though I think by Saturday night HE may have been happy to return to base as the girls can be overwhelming sometimes. He was probably glad for the quiet of the 85 other people in his compartment. Even the ones yelling "YES DRILL SARGENT" in their sleep

BTW both girls are seriously considering the Navy too.

The last 2 are of Pass and Review, he IS in them. I just dare you to find him!

Next stop for Zac is San Antonio, Texas for his "A" school. He will be there for 7 weeks then he can come home on leave for 2 weeks before he is deployed. He will find out where that will be in September

We were so happy to see him and I think he was happy to see us too. Even though Daddy and I had MAJOR discussions on navigating Chicago traffic. Let's just say 'DON"T"

Why is it so hard to have roads that continue on in a somewhat orderly fashion and have some kind of sensibility when naming them? Why, oh why must a road have 3 different names?

And why don't they have road signs that display them all? We sure regretted leaving the GPS in the car in Denver.

More pics of our adventures in Chicago in the next post


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Susan said...

Handsome young man - you must be really proud! My older one was a Navy man, too. He's lucky to go to SA - beautiful city! I hope he gets a great ship. When Regan was in, those at the top of the class got to choose from available slots before other assignments were handed out. I don't know if they still do that, though.