Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nancy's 12 Dancing Princesses

Hello All
I have been working on Nancy's block '12 Dancing Princesses' for the Fairy Tale RR. This block was huge and there was a LOT of empty space left on it. Only Jaki is to work on the block after me so I went crazy. I hate to see blocks go home half naked.

This is what the block looked like when it left Nancy

This is Siw's work. This is very detailed. I am sure it took her quite a while to do it. Isn't it great?

The king on the white patch was added by Leona

This is what it looked like when I got done. I TOLD you I went crazy!Everything else you see was added by me. I dyed all the laces you see.I have the locked door that the princesses got out of every night. The Castle by the lake, glows in the dark because of the all night party. You can also hear the music as I added a music box.Included are the slippers, in a rose garden, they wore out every night
Here is a closeup of the castle

I will be sending this out to Jaki tomorrow.

Next up Flora's CYOT block, "Pineapples and Palm Trees'

THEN my naked block for the Beaded RR on CQI

THEN my half embellished block for the Season to Season Swap on CQN. I will post a pic of that tomorrow

THEN I need to finish off Jaki's block 'Frogs Bring Rain" It is pretty bare, so I will try to add alot.

I also have the needlecase with the kilted men to finish AND I might be doing another Swap

I also have to make school clothes for the girls and get 3 kids ready for school. And oh yeah, I am also flying to Great Lakes for my son's graduation from Navy Bootcamp. I think. We still haven't heard from him about the cardiologist appt. So I am guessing he is still there.

So I have nothing really to do.



Gerry said...

Lauri, you did an amazing amount of work on this block. Thanks so much for posting photos of the other needlework. It's nice to see that transformaiton!

Charlene said...

Nah... you don't have anything to do. It sure did turn out to be lovely!

Susan said...

Wow, I love all that you did! I agree about sending blocks home half finished. Didn't you have fun!

Ati. Norway. said...

You did a super job on this block Lauri. You deserve an AWARD!
Beautiful, Nancy will love it.