Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Hello All

I wanted to share a picture of my vicious dog, Gunther. A 3.7 lb , 11 week old dachshund. Believe it or not, this little guy got us kicked out of a fabric store. Then, he was 7 weeks old. I have a bag that looks just like a purse and he was in it. I am NOT the kind of woman who carries her precious little poopsie woopsie around all the time. However, a puppy is like newborn baby and I can't leave him in his crate for hours at a time.
Long story short, we got kicked out because she said if they let him in , in a bag, then they had to let Great Danes too.
Moral: Don't shop at Hi Fashion Fabrics in Grand Junction, Colorado. They are witches in there, even before the Great Dachshund Debacle

How could you resist this face huh?



Gerry said...

I commend you for not leaving your little darling in a crate. But then again I hate crating. Boxes are for donuts and packages not for living beings!

Susan said...

So, if someone ever wants to bring in a Great Dane, let them. Big deal. Like anyone else would ever know she made an exception for your little cutie.

Charlene said...

I wonder why places that don't serve food have to prohibit pups? If the pup can't behave, then ask him to leave... Seems simple enough to me! Darling guy!

JK said...

Now that is a face!! I don't blame you one bit for taking him with you, so shop somewhere were they don't have hissy fits over a little puppy.


ABSOLUTELY!!! what a darling!!! I take my LACI everywhere that I can--if she cant go in--then i probably dont need to be spending my money there!!! She goes into post office, home Depot, Lowes, and the two local quilt shops with me! if I leave her home, they ask me where she is. She is 7 lb Maltese and I carry her if need be! I believe they have rights, too and even if not using crate (at home) you dont want to leave your little darling in a vehicle any time! Puppies need attention, too! I recently went camping--went up the mountain to the nearest store that had ice and they said to bring her in (small grocery with gifts)and even gave her a treat when she left!!! Hows' that for liking the four legged kind? *~*CAROLE*~*

Sandie said...

Gunther is so cutttteeee! I used to carry my Maltese around in my hand bag where-ever I went - she still loved my hand bag (but outgrew it) at the ripe old age of 16!