Monday, May 21, 2007

Create Your Own Theme RR

Hello All

This is what I have been working on lately. This is the obviously when I was piecing it. I like to take photos of the work as I go because you get a better idea of what the block actually looks like. Does that make sense? It gives a different perspective.

The theme of my block is hard to describe. The fabric itself is called " Romance Novel Covers'
I am planning more of a satire. This block will have all the love cliches. The Knight in Shining Armor . If you look closely you can see the bodice that is required in a bodice ripper. There is also the sunset to ride off into, a dragon to slay and castle walls to scale
I have been working quite a bit on this one and it is almost ready to send on to Janet. Good thing she lives in town as I am already late on this.

I will post progress pics later today

So if you are in the silver group, take a good look and get those ideas flowing!



Charlene said...

Very creative, and cute!!

JK said...

Hon this is adorable! Is this for our group? I can't keep up!! I really want to see the progression of this one. Make sure you let us know okay?