Thursday, May 10, 2007

See Jo, I did it!

Hello All

I have been tagged by Jo to do the MEME thing. I am supposed to tell you 7 things you didn't know about me. She didn't think we would do it. I think I am pretty boring so I had a hard time coming up with things. So here goes.............

1. I had a twin that died in utero at about 3 months. They broke Mom's water and 21 hours later still no baby. That is when they discovered the twin . My husband says this is why I sometimes have dual personalities LOL

2. I met my husband at a Confirmation retreat. It was that awful 18 days between our birthdays, so I was 14 and he was 13. We dated in high school and have now been married almost 23 years

3. I'm only 5 ft tall, but I am taller than my mom, grandmother and aunt all were. My hubby is 6ft 5 BTW

4. I have 3 tattoos. A butterfly up by my collar bone, a Tinkerbell on my right calf, and 2 intertwined dragons for my husband and I with 5 little dragons around it for our kids, on my left calf

5. All 7 of us are Disneyland freaks. We all have recurring dreams of going there and sigh wistfully every time we see it on tv or think about it. We are hoping to make our 3rd trip there this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas ( the ONLY time to go)

6. I cry about things on TV or in books, all the time. ( I married my husband because he was the only one in my life who didn't and doesn't make fun of me for it)
I cry whenever I see an adult cry in real life, but when I SHOULD cry like at my mom's funeral I can't

7. I was so quiet that in High School, that the one time , I said something to the boy in school who was just as quiet, that entire cafeteria went dead quiet, you literally could hear a pin drop, it was just like something that happens in movies or commercials. ( Remember the E.F. Hutton ones?)
Now we had never, ever talked to each other before or since. We were so embarrassed that I don't think I talked for another month and I still don't think he has.

So how was that?

Now I have to try and tag 5 who haven't been tagged. I can only think of Janet. I am having cold remedy medicine induced amnesia, so go ahead and consider yourself tagged. Your IT!


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Susan said...

I had to smile at number 6. My DH always carries a hankie in his pocket for me to use in movies. =)