Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rose Colored Glasses

Hello All

Well here it is. I finally got it done. For obvious reasons I have named this block "Rose Colored Glasses" I have to say I am REALLY happy how this turned out. This block fought me for days until I wrestled it to the floor. Then I had so many ideas I couldn't put it down. I almost resented having to put it away for the drive to Denver this past weekend. (Which is a completely off topic subject. Let's just say " Isn't family fun?) This of course is the Knight in Shining Armor and the required long stem red rose.
This is my the focal point with my theme fabric. You can also see the castle wall to scale to find your true love
This is my favorite part. Obviously as you can see by the amount of hardware around her neck, that the woman in this 'bodice ripper' is well off on her own. I even made her 3 dimensional.
The swan is here because Swans mate for life, I guess the wife is on the other side of the moat taking care of the baby swans (swanlings? what do you call swan babies?)

This is one of the first button trails I have done. I have everything in there from a fairy button to a dragon charm to a knight charm to a cameo

And last but not least the dragon to slay and the sunset to ride off onto. Even though I did cut off the top off the sunset.

I hope whoever is in my group has fun working on my blocks. But I bet by the end of the 5th block Ann will be cursing me for the postage. I think this block alone weighs a pound by itself!

Well now I have to go work on Siw's Lion King block for the Fairy Tale RR and to get ready for our party this weekend



Anonymous said...

Baby swans are cygnets. Don't ask me where that came from...or why I know it.

Maddie Can Fly said...

Laurie, I love this block! Everything -- the dragons, the knight, the corset -- way to go!! (Lesa from CQForNewbies)

Thelma said...

Absolutely beautiful. You didn't overdo it. Breathetaking I say!!!Love It..

Marianne said...

Lauri, I so WANT this block!!!! My hubby and I collect knights and swans. His email addy is CygneRex!
Your work is just incredible! Please share how you did the swan and knight.

Charlene said...

What a beautiful and creative depiction - lovely work!

Susan said...

Wow, this turned out fabulously! I remember when you were deciding on the focus fabric. Good choice this turned out to be. =)