Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

Hello All,

I know I have been remiss in my blogging. I just haven't felt like doing ANYTHING lately.

So I guess I need to give myself a swift kick in the A$$ and get moving. So in that spirit I will post the last of my CQ that I have pics of. Hopefully I won't duplicate.

And I WILL do some stitching today if it kills me. Before I go to work which makes me want to kill myself.

I work in the local JOANN's. I just started a month ago. They decided about 9 months ago to shut it down. So they let it downhill . I mean they REALLY let it go downhill. The floors hadn't been swept in months and they just put new notion stock that came in wherever they felt like. So no items were in the correct place, no prices are on anything and half the fabric stock drug on the floor. And the customers get ticked off when they can't find a price or it is 3 times as much as they thought. I don't blame them it ticks me off too, but we are the ones who get yelled at. I hate retail. Always have. It's the reason to go to college! I don't need this job my husband makes a pretty good income. I just did it for the discount and to get out of the house once in awhile.

Anyway, I digress....

But then they decided to keep this store open and build us a new one within 2 years. We live in a small city on the Western Slope of Colorado and other than our store there is one other fabric store plus 2 quilting stores ,a Walmart and Hobby Lobby so we really needed this store here. Now suffice it to say we have to get this place back up to snuff and fast. So clean up 9 months of neglect in 1 month. It ain't easy. So hence the disgust with work . AAARRRGGGGGGHHHHH

So take a look at the pics, the last ones I have so better get going so I can show you something. Please keep in mind that some of these are blocks that are just pieced not finished ones. LOL

Maybe I'll go play with my new Rainbow Dyes from RibbonSmyth



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