Sunday, November 05, 2006

Back on Topic

Here are some more Cq things to look at. Just more of the pink block. There is quite a bit of beading on this one. You always need more beads in my opinion. As I said before I think this one is my favorite so far. I think next time I will show the one I am working on now. There is a piece of lace that isn't working so I'll post it to get your suggestions

My new CQ friend in town and I went downtown Friday. I actually behaved and only spent about $65. Not bad for me. I bought up a lot of perle cotton #8 and just 4 pieces of fabric. I also purchased another one of my favorite thimbles. It is a round disc with the dimples on it, that sticks to your finger. I've used it for hours at a time and it stays on.
Now normally I can't use thimbles as they are so uncomfortable but I had to do something because the callous on my middle fingers were black and grossed people out. These work great.

Now it's time for my Sunday afternoon nap so .....................



Gerry said...

WOW, talk about eye candy. This is just beautiful work. Is this just for fun or is the part of a project?

Anonymous said...

Laurie, it's absolutely gorgeous! You do such beautiful work and I have to agree with you, beading really does it. I'm learning this as I go along.

Ati said...

Lauri this is beautiful. What will it be in the end?
It looks very glamorous.

Lauri said...

This is one of 9 blocks for a wallhanging. The squares are quite large, about 20 inches. That's why I can put so many motifs on the blocks.That is also why this has cost me a small fortune. I keep finding things I want to add to it!