Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Hello All,
I've spent all morning trying to kool aid dye some lace. What a pain in the a$$. My white velvet ribbons came out great. Really bright but good. Some of the other lace, not so good. I got some really obnoxious reddish hues. They are alright just not the colors I usually use. All the pinks, greens and purple I tried came out muddy or faded when I rinsed them out. End of story I put away about 30 pieces of lace until I can figure out how to dye them the way I want, without costing a fortune.

I've included more motifs from some of the other blocks. I am almost out of pics of my work so I guess I better get working on some more huh?

Time to go pick up kiddos from school. Sometimes I wish I had put them in public school so they could ride the bus.


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