Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bit the Bullet

Hello All,
Well after the debacle with the kool aid dye I bit the bullet and bought a whole bunch of Rainbow dyes from RibbonSmyth and hopefully it will go better. The hassle of the other wasn't worth it.
Today if the printer will cooperate I will print out a bunch of vintage images to use for CQ. I found a bunch at Art-E-Zine They ask for a donation of $10 a year which I will pay tomorrow after payday. LOL
I am having a hard time getting myself to work much on my wallhanging. Maybe it's because it's so large and the end isn't in sight. So I have decided to do some smaller projects like pouches, pillows and some boxes. I got some cigar boxes from eBay. Maybe getting something accomplished will motivate me to finish the wallhanging.
I was going to post some pics of the ribbons I dyed, but husband used the little doohickey thingie that I put my memory card into to load them onto the computer, and of course I can't find it now! Wow that was quite a run on sentence wasn't it? If my high school English teacher saw that I would be in SO much trouble. Of course talking in capitals and and with so many punctuation marks is so much better!
What was I saying? Oh yeah, the pics. I guess you'll just have to muddle through with some of the last of the ones of my wallhanging.
Off to help Mother Nature along. Restoring my hair to it's natural reddish beauty. I had 8 inches cut off of it the other day and had it layered too. My daughters were in shock I haven't had anyone else cut it since their brother was little and he is 15!



Susan said...

Your link won't link because it has http:// in it twice. =)

Lauri said...

Thanks Susan
I think it's fixed now. Now if my pics would post!