Monday, November 06, 2006

I Need Help Here

Hello All,

Here's the block I was talking about. I've come to a stall on it. I have some seams done but I am not sure what to do with dyed lace I have up in upper portion. I know I had a plan when I first pieced the block but what it may have been has completely slipped my mind. I am too stubborn to take it out. So I have to figure a solution.
The lace is lavender and aqua and the piece it is sewn into is shiny silver velvet. The whole block is somewhat of a sea theme. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Onto another CQ dilemma. Am I the only one who has found that viewing others' blogs is taking a huge chunk of time out of the day? After I check my email ,yahoo groups, international newspapers and CQ blogs I find it has taken almost 2 hours out of my day.
But I really like to see what everyone else is doing! Maybe I'll divide the blogs into 2 separate folders in my Favorite folders and check each blog every other day.
But that wouldn't be as much fun.
What will I do? What will I do?


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Susan said...

Yes, it all takes time. I think having my favorites on my web ring (Around the Block) helps with the time issue a little. I can just keep clicking next, next, next. =)