Thursday, June 28, 2007

Last of The Egyptian Blocks

Hello All

Well here they are the last of the Egypt blocks. Again I must make the he disclaimer that they are not quite done. I still need to add beads.

The Cleopatra block on top just doesn't look right to me. Cleo and the asp (?) I did all in satin stitch and I like how they turned out. The block just doesn't hit me yet. Maybe it is because I used no print fabrics, only solids and blenders. I'll keep working on it for a few more days until I send them to JK.

The 3rd one, of tomb paintings is my version of a collage.I am thinking that I will not bead this one. It looks more authentic without them.

The King Tut on the last is very heavily embroidered and also colored in with pencil.It probably took me all in all about 9-10 hours on that little patch all by itself

Now I have never done a block swap before, so whoever receives my blocks be prepared. These are not always square. Then I thought I was doing something good and ironed on knit interfacing to them before I beaded. The end result is that some of my blocks are a little puckered, but not as much as they look in the pics. I am sorry in advance for that.

Otherwise I am happy with my results and think they turned out well.

I will try to post one last photo of all of them completely done before I mail them off in a week or so



Gerry said...

OMG, Lauri I am seriously speechless. Your needlework is AMAZING. How about you drop out and send them ALL to me instead????

Susan said...

These are absolutely wonderful. I think you will like the top one more when you bead it. I like it already. =)