Thursday, June 28, 2007

CYOT Ann's Block

Hello All

The top photo is Ann's sample block for the Choose Your Own Theme RR . Her theme fabric is the light gold one with the lavendar, blue and green fans. The theme itself is Japan. Ann didn't have a chance to completely finish her sample, she will finish it when it is returned. Ann says she hasn't much experience with seam treatments but wanted them on her block. She also said she was just learning SRE. But I think hers and the sample block proves that she is off to a great start

The second pic is of my pieced block and the third is my block with butterfly embellishments. I don't know if butterflies are actually a japanese theme but I liked how it went with this block

I have started the embroidery, using only varigated Wildflower thread. This is working out pretty well. There is so much lace and pattern from the fabric that traditional colors and seams might have been too much.

I will finish the seams and add the beads later today and get it to Janet soon.

As always don't forget you can double click on he photos for a closer look



Jo in NZ said...

Lauri, the butterfly block is just stunning. I love it the way it is- even without stitched seam treatments! There are not many people can put on 'pre-made' trims/motifs and pull off a finished look, but you've nailed it girl. Stitching and beading will be the icimg on the cake.

Susan said...

Ann's block is great, and so is yours. I love the purple lace you used that looks kinda like seashells. That is so pretty. You have a whole butterfly garden there!