Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Egyptian Swap Blocks 2,3,and 4

Hello All
Here are my next three blocks for the Egyptian Theme Swap. The King Tut one is one of my favorites. All the stitching is done in shades of blue and gold only. The next two have as a center motif, patches that I embroidered. They each took about 2 days to do.
These are only about 1/3 done, at least to my way of thinking.
I still have small motifs, hieroglyphs and beads to do.
I also have 1 more pieced and ideas for 3 more.
My plan was to do one for each person in the swap. However seeing as there are 15 and I have a whole block to do for the Create Your Own Theme RR due July 1st and I haven't started , I don't think that will be happening!


Gerry said...

Lauri, these blocks are GREAT! You've done such a nice job with the seam treatments, motifs, everything. Now I can only hope to get one of them!

Charlene said...

Great looking blocks! You sure are ambitious, but that's the way to get lots done; right?

Susan said...

I love your blocks! Your embroidery talents are impressive. I think the Tut block would be a favorite of mine, too. I am not sure I could send that one for swapping!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Ohhhhhh. I love the blue and gold one. Tell JK I want THAT one! (LOL) Seriously, I tried to do a blue one and mine just didn't come out looking good at all.

Ati. Norway. said...

Lauri all your Egyptian blocks are stunning ! Those last three beautiful too!
You have a ball, haven't you? ;))