Friday, October 27, 2006

More of Celestial Block

Hello All,

Here's some more of the block. Fancy fabrics are beautiful to look at and touch but man are they a real pain in the you know what to piece.They slide alot and if you have them slightly on the bias they tend to stretch out of shape.

I did buy some cotton fabrics to try something different. Actually I bought quite a bit but don't we all? I am trying to force myself to wait on it until I get this one done though. I have no patience at all.

Zac passed his driving test and I started on the Halloween costumes finally! YEA!!

Back to the grindstone.



Gerry said...

WOW! What a wonderful combination of materials and embellishments. Sorry, but I have to say it....YOU ARE CRAFTY!

Lauri said...


I'll forgive you for calling me that word this time I suppose. LOL
I have always associated that word with a sly, deceitful person and that is not me what you see is what you get.
Plus that it conjures up images of Den mothers and used Styrofoam meat trays, real Popsicle sticks,yarn and pringles cans. "Here Boys, today we make birdhouses"
I know in what spirit you intended it so I say Thank you.
BTW I have been to your blog and it brought a smile to my face and made laugh. Can't beat that!