Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Confessions and oh yeah the rest of the first block

Ok I have a confession, I am a MAJOR procrastinated. It has been raining all morning so all I want to do is stay in bed . And I don't want to do those silly Halloween costumes. I really hate doing those. I have always hatedHalloween as a kid it just seemed a waste. But I never want my kids to feel left out so I always go overboard then regret it.

Another confession, I always go overboard on almost everything. So I am perfect for crazy quilting don't you think?

I over do on the # of kids, hobbies, chocolate, sewing clothes for the girls, books, temper, driving and lots of other things too numerous to mention!

So back to the CQ.

You will notice in the pics that in several places I have used beaded fringe. I know it isn't a usual thing for crazy quilting but I like the movement and it is for a wallhanging. There are some laces I dyed in there too. There will be a lot more beads on this before I am done. I am a big fan of Sharon Boggons' and the encrusted look. It's over the top too

So enough of this . On to Guiding Light and a good cry. I love Reva!

Later, Lauri


Gerry said...

What a truly lovely piece this is. The fairy is awsome. I look forward to returning to see your next project.

Jo in NZ said...

Lauri, it seems that you were born for this lark! lol. Really like some of your seam treatments.