Monday, October 23, 2006


Well here it goes! I've downloaded some of my pics to the Flikr site, so be sure to check it out. Just click on the link to the right side of the screen.

My very first crazy quilt project was a jacket using a jean jacket pattern. It is all done in velvet and satins. I worked on it for 6 months, the last 2 as my mom was dying from smoking. Most of our last conversations had to do with this jacket. I was her suggestion to do the crocheted roses for the button loops.I think of her whenever I wear it especially as she is the one who got me started on all my sewing and embroidering and crocheting and on and on and on........
I learned to draw from Dad
As you may be able to tell from the pics it has been well worn. I am afraid to get it cleaned because I am afraid some of the beading will come loose.
Next time I'll start showing the wall hanging I am making.
Later ,

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Charlene said...

That is a beautiful piece of work, and the memories in it make it even more special. Thanks for sharing!!