Thursday, July 10, 2008

Top Finished

Hello All
Well here is the finished top. I have been working on it for the last week. Not every seam in the border is beaded. I had to try VERY hard not to encrust every one. I have included pics of a few of the black and grey blocks. Also one of the beaded spider I had to do, since spiders are a CQ tradition.
I have already reinforced the piece with fusible knit interfacing. Next I will quilt it using Allie's false backing technique. I can't find the exact method on there for a link right this moment, but if you search you should be able to find it
Then I will put the real backing on it, tie with some iridescent buttons on the front and put on a very narrow binding maybe 1/2 inch wide and also a hanging sleeve.
The longest part will be quilting with the false back.
As this piece is only 30 inches square it shouldn't take really long.
I also dug a piece of sequined trim out of my stash that goes perfect. One or two slight problems though. I only have 1 yard and I need a little over two. Secondly I got it in Delta, over 5o miles away. Factoring 50 miles X 14 miles to the gallon in my new love ( a new to me "99 Expedition) X $4.06 a gallon. I am not sure it is worth it, BUT it so PERFECT to trim the middle section.
I am so proud of myself that this piece actually is square. It took me an extra 3 days to square up the middle section before I added the black and grey blocks. This meant adding small pieces to several colors but it was well worth the extra time.
I don't want to give the judges any ammunition against me. Crazy Quilts already have a notoriously rough time in judging. It is almost an impossible task to get all the blocks to lie completely flat. Due to the very nature of how crazy quilting is done and the fact that so many pieces are cut against the bias in the piecing method itself.
So we shall see if I get this done in time. Both Janet and I plan to take our quilt out to the Fair together next Friday. We both did colorstudies and it is very interesting how both interpreted them so differently. I think it will give the public a wider a view of CQ in general as our styles are so different. Though we have definitely have influenced each other .
So off to the store to buy some 'Warm and Natural' batting and the backing fabric


Jo in NZ said...

Stunning Lauri. Absolutely Freakin' stunning. You have worked like a demon on this, and the result is fantastic. Love , love , LOVE the black blocks around the outside.

Are you going to bind it at all? I think it would look great with a shot of colour around the outside edge....or a shot of colour, then an inch on black again.
You should be very proud of what you have achieved.

Jane said...

Hi Lauri, This piece has turned out fabulously! The border has just set it off right...and it looks like it's laying real well.
Maybe that store in Delta would be willing to mail you the trim you need? I'm with you on rethinking how to use my "gas allotment".
Good luck at the fair...

Maddie Can Fly said...

Breathtaking! If it doesn't win a ribbon, those judges are absolutely blind. Congrats on all the hard work that went into this -- I can't believe how fast and focused you are.

gocrazywithme said...

I am so glad that I got to see this in person. And I'll get to see it again next week! It is just incredible!!!!!!! You the woman!!!!

Susan said...

Looks beautiful! I love all your lazy daisy stitching on that one block. That's something I don't do enough as an embellishment. Thanks for the reminder. The whole thing is just gorgeous!

Alice McClelland said...

Love, love, love the black- what a stunning way to set off the color blocks. You should be very proud of this piece, it's a beautiful work of art.

Judy in Indiana said...

That is fabulous! I can't imagine any judge (sane or crazy!) not being amazed by your skill!
Judy in Indiana

Allison Ann Aller said...

What a feast for the eyes!
This is a major accomplishment and I hope it does well at the deserves to!

Gerry said...

WOW-what a beautiful quilt! It's stunning. It looks like it must weigh a ton with all the charms, beads, and do-dads you've added.

I wish you and Janet the VERY BEST at the fair. The only problem will be deciding how to split that winning ribbon in half. LOL.

flowergirl said...

The color blocks are so awesome and unique that people at the fair will at least have to notice the quilt. Hopefully the quilt judges are persons who have a creative mind and are looking for new inspiration in quilt design. Good Luck

SH Sue said...

Laurie - Absolutely stunning. I love the colors and your handwork is very expertise. WOW

SH Sue said...

Laurie - Absolutely stunning. I love the colors and your handwork is very expertise. WOW

Thelma said...

Beautiful Laurie!! In my eyes you are a first place winner for sure..absolutely stunning!