Friday, April 20, 2007

Faith's Block

Hello All

Here's what I have been working on lately.
The first is the whole block , the second is my contribution

Faith's theme for her block was Peter Rabbit. Now it has been a very long time since I read this story. My kids' favorite book was "Dinosaur Dos and Don'ts"

The only thing I remembered was Peter's Rabbit hanging on the bush so that is what I did.

The vines for the bush were done in alternating bar chain stitch. The leaves in detached chain with a varigated thread. A very large loose buttonhole stitch was used for the netting. The net is hard to see but maybe if you click on the picture it will expand enough to see it.

I used some very dark purply red glass beads for the blackberries. 2 beads were sewn on together, then 3 more strung together going the opposite way to make it look more berry like.

I used felt and appliqued the jacket on.

I thought of using embroidery thread and crocheting it in a slip stitch but that would have takens hours and sometimes my attention span is quite short. I must have learned that from my kids. LOL

I also did the yellow featherstitch with the orange french knots above the patch and the white buffalo head stitch below it too.

I was going to add more but the block is getting pretty full and there are at least 2 more people to work on it after me.

This is the last block for the RR I have right now, so I will return to my Star Trek cq " Boldly"

Let's see if it is talking to me now. If not I have about 20 different UFO's to work on



Gerry said...

This is so darling. What a creative imagination you have. I never would have thought to do that. And it's perfect!

Susan said...

I just love your addition to the block! That's one of my favorite memories of these stories, too.

Lin Moon said...

Oh, this block is so wonderful! I just love the little jacket in the cabbage(?) patch. You are so creative!