Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pinup Quilt

Hello All

This is what I have been working on for the past couple of days. My hubby always has cold feet and he loves to watch movies on his big screen tv with surround sound. The only problem is that it is in the basement, so I decided to make him a quilt to cover up with.
I just love these pinups. Personally I think they are cute. The lady at Joann's about had a heart attack when I showed her what I was doing. She said " How could you do that? I would never put something like THAT on a quilt for my husband!". I thought to myself that she should take a BIG chill pill. I mean if I can't trust my husband after 23 years, then will a slighty risque quilt send him over the top? But I must say he did have fun going over all the pictures to include in the quilt!
There are 30 blocks in this quilt and as much as I love the Hubby, I have 3 more quilts lined up before this one, so I am going to cheat. I am going to do all the seam embellishments by machine.
I am also thinking of making one for my son who is going into the Navy and maybe for the oldest son's 21 birthday. I think I will use 3x4 or 4x6 prints for those though. These seem to get a little lost in the block
Well I gotta go, more blocks to piece, 16 down 14 to go


Jo in NZ said...

Lauri, I LOVE your style. This is a great idea....although I do hope you do a pinup quilt all of your own *wink*! lol
I also think your Janet's Fault quilt looks fabulous.
I pleased your like your meme.

Ati. said...

Lauri, I like your humour :))
It will give your hubby warm feet and a warm.....;))

TeresaB said...

What a wonderful way to keep him warm! You just ave my husband ideas! he was walking by and wanted to see what I was giggling about.