Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back to My Roots

Hello All,

I've finished my Ugly Duckling block ( I think ) LOL . Janet says that it looks very Kansas. This block just screamed Country, so I went for it.
You see my family is so country it's scary, to a citified girl like me. My paternal Grandpa ,Harry ,was a moonshiner. He used to run moonshine in Kentucky, hiding his wares in watermelons. He later settled down, had 9 kids and became a barber in Cincinnati . His clients included members of the Big Red Machine in the 70's, yes he was responsible for Johnny Bench's haircut, but I hope to God not for Pete Rose's!

My Dad was in the Seminary to become a priest but he dropped out to join the Air Force. Then he met my Mother. She was brought up a Mennonite share farmer in Missouri and Nebraska.

When they married they compromised and became Lutheran and moved to the big city . (Columbus , Ohio and Denver, Colorado)

So you see doing a country theme on this simple for this Moonshine running, hillbilly, dirt busting, Mennonite, Catholic converted Lutheran city girl.

No wonder my husband says I have at least 2 personalities!!

I decided to embrace my inner orange and go for it. So there is ALOT of orange.Who says you can't have glass beads and crows on the same block.
I did cheat, the Rooster is an iron applique and the bumble bee and lady bug are store bought.

I am quite happy with how it turned out. Sometimes you just stop fighting the block and go with the flow.

I finally got " Janet's Fault" basted. This one should end up pretty good if I can translate what I have in my mind onto the quilt. I really like all the black in it.I am going for a very antique look on this one.I have very wide lace like edges done in ecru in mind for the fan edges. Carole Sample's Treasury of Crazy Quilt stitches has a lot of very nice borders in it that should look great here.
I have also heard that her publisher will no longer be printing her book, so if you want it you may have to work fast

I only have one more quilt lined up to piece. It is a 50's inspired pin up girl quilt for the hubby, to keep his tootsies warm in the basement watching movies on his big screen TV

Gotta go do some work



Susan said...

Yes, that block can no longer be called an ugly block! It's very farm-like. You did an outstanding job.

I like the looks of this next project, too. Can hardly wait to see your work on it.

Ati said...

Hi Lori, I like your fan quilt very much, it looks antique already. Wow, I am looking forward to see it embellished.