Friday, December 01, 2006

Judyth's Challenge

Hello All

In one of the groups I belong to, CQ for Newbies, a challenge has been issued to use or display an item you have made. One that has been hidden away until........

You know what I mean until you find the right spot or get around to framing it or whatever. I am posting a quilt I did about 4 years ago. I just had no where to hang it until we moved in June.

This is from an embroidery pattern I got from Ebay. It dates from the forties, hence Alaska and Hawaii as their own countries not as America.
I'll post more pics when I get some non blurry ones

I lied, I did not get around to doing anything yesterday.I was too busy dreading work.

There is still some hope for today! Maybe

Later, Lauri


Gerry said...

OMG, these are too darn cute. I just love to look at (drool over, actually) your work.

Candi Harris said...

How cute is that!!! You do such beautiful work and I get so many ideas! Thanks so much for sharing.

JK said...

I love this quilt! Beautiful work darlin, and pleased you have taken up Challenge #2!


Anonymous said...

Really cute quilt, Lauri. What a lot of work went into it. Where did you hang it? I want to see more of it (or see it in person).

Maddie Can Fly said...

Laurie, I issued the challenge and I'm glad you took it up. This quilt is wayyyyy too pretty and there's too much work on it to be hidden away somewhere. Congrats on fulfilling the Challenge! (Lesa, CQForNewbies)

Lauri said...

I am so sorry I got you confused with Judyth. It won't happen again. thank you for the kind words


Gerry said...

This is just stunning work. You need a BIG pat on the back!