Saturday, December 23, 2006

Guess Where I Am?

Hello All

Guess where I am?

I am in the car traveling from Grand Junction to Denver. My hubby got me a card for my computer so that I can now literally get on the Internet anywhere. 4 of the 5 kids are in the car watching their movies and on the PS2. I have to say my kids are really good car travelers. We usually don't have any arguments until about half an hour before we get to Denver. My hubby is switching between his XM radio and Sirius radio. We are such geeks!!!!

I have taken some pictures of Glenwood Springs and Glenwood Canyon. I did loose the signal for a few minutes when you see the pics you will see why. Isn't life so interesting now? I took photos with my digital camera , then put the card in the computer then get on the Internet with a laptop and then everyone can see what I am doing going down the road. I must say again I AM A GEEK.

My children have no clue what it was like when we were kids. Only 3 TV channels, 4 if you got PBS. The phone stayed in the house connected to the wall. Photos were taken on film that you took into a store to be developed and it took at least a week to get them back. You didn't do anything wit the TV but watch Gilligan's Island repeats. Car trips were torture, you read a book(gasp) and listened to really bad AM radio farm reports

These pics show you why I could never live anywhere other than Colorado.I have talked to people who love the ocean and feel a pull towards it. That is how my family is with mountains , if we can't see some we feel disconnected and have no idea which way is which. LA was completely disconcerting to us. I personally can't look at the ocean for more than a minute at a time. I feel like I am falling off the edge. I guess I am strange.

Maybe I'll post some more tomorrow as we drive back from Denver.Maybe I'll be able to get a pic of Santa on his journey


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Ati. said...

Hi Lauri, this is fantastic! I didn't now that you can use internet in a car.
The mountains are beautiful with the snow, will there be more snow later in the winter?
Thanks for sharing this wonder with us. Happy Cristmas.