Monday, December 11, 2006

International Swap

Hello All

I have joined a swap. It matches up a US partner with one from somewhere else in the world. 4 times next year we will swap"squishies". These are plastic baggies filled with small pieces of fabric, trims, beads and embellishments.
My swap sister is named Samanthi and she lives in Sri Lanka. Ratnapura to be exact. She has jungles, elephants and gem mining. The second pic above is from that area. The third is what Grand Junction looks like right now. That's the Colorado River that eventually flows through the Grand Canyon. The last pic is of the Colorado National Monument in the summer. It doesn't do the place justice. You should see how REALLY red these rock formations are in person. In Western Colorado we have the Rocky Mountains AND desert conditions, tumbleweeds as big as cars, deer and skunk, and natural gas drilling. I guess you can't get too much different can you?

The only way I could think of to give her an idea of what it is like here was to tell her it is a lot like the old western movies especially the John Wayne ones. She knew about those, in fact she like to read westerns.Whereas the only western I have ever been able to finish was Lonesome Dove. I read Fantasy books about Dragons, Trolls and Fairies. Samanthi knows what these are but probably thinks I am really strange for reading about those things.
I told her I have red hair then she wanted to know if I looked like Julia Roberts. I wish! Isn't it funny how American Pop Culture shows up everywhere?
Of course that is the whole point isn't it? To get know something about somewhere else.

Well need to get going, have to pick up the puppy from the vet's. Doing my part to keep doggie overpopulation down. As stupid and clumsy as this Husky is I think I am doing the world a favor by not letting him procreate! By the way his name is Ulric and I think he is channeling his inner Viking


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