Thursday, January 19, 2012

CQJP 2012- January

Hello Ladies

I know it's been quite awhile since I have posted. I haven't been completely idle. I have pieced over 200 hexagons for ANOTHER huge project. I never seem to learn. I have so many huge projects and smaller ones going that n all honesty could never be done if I worked 8 hours a day for everyday for 5 years

Here is what I have done. This is my block for the CQJP. It is quite different from my usual work. Red is not one of my favorite colors to work with. The original plan was to do all the seamwork in Hot Pink but all I had was perle 8 in that color. With the bold patterns done onto the blocks size8 was not strong enough to stand out.

All the  fabrics except the red/white stripe started out as solid color pieces. I liked the idea of the geometric surface embroidery juxtaposed with the curves of the patches and the seams

Perhaps I will get brave enough to take pictures and post them of all my undone projects. Maybe I will even give a few of the unstitched projects away.




Wendy said...

Hi Lauri, I love your block! I need to finish my block for this month too! You have been busy if you have made 200 hexie's! I am working on yoyo's and need a total of 2500 so I know how easy it is to get behind! I cannot wait to see how this one comes together! Will you be showing us what you are doing with the hexie's?

Raphaela said...

I love your block. I really like this kind of surface stitching.

Mermaid's Purse said...

Lovely ideas, the laid work fits in really well! I'd love to see pics of all your UFOs. Happy Stitching!!

Rose said...

Your block is wonderful!

Gerry said...

Very pretty block, Laurie. Love the variety of stitches.

How is the pink quilt coming along?

Thanks for stopping by to visit and comment. Miss ya!!!!