Friday, October 14, 2011

This Year's Bear

 Hello All,

As some of you may know I usually make a cq bear for the the Chinese auction for the retreat.

Usually the are quite blinged out. Not this year!! I kept myself under control. There is not one single bead anywhere on this bear. All the seams were done in a variegated threads ( some of which I dyed myself) with a coordinating solid. All the fabrics were black, with a few black/colored prints thrown in for good measure

For me this is quite a departure. I love my beads and bling

 This little guy took me about 80 hours to do. I've been asked how much I would charge for a bear like this. I'd say the "bear" minimum would be $300-$400. Why should I value my work for less. If I was getting minimum wage ( which I think I deserve more than) it would be over $580

 I really liked how it turned out. The black background makes the colors POP

This bear got to go home with Helen Thorkleson

Next time I hope to show my progress and the saga of the great color disappearing pink quilt

PS  a BIG thank you to Connie for all the pictures! She is a much better photographer than I am


Wendy said...

Lauri, I love your bear! What pattern for the bear do you use? I am thinking of making one for my granddaughters bedroom......Your bear is so beautiful and would be worth the price considering the time and the expertise with which he is put together....can't wait to see the pink!

Gerry Krueger said...

I never even got to hold this bear... and it was off limits before I even got to choose... Alas/// And when you go to Buhtan you must wear your coat of many colors... Hugs Ger

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I love this bear so much! I think the black is the perfect background for all that colour! Can't wait to see next year's!

gocrazywithme said...

Love the black background. White/cream would be pretty too, but the black just pops!

Lisa said...

Your bears are something special but this black bear is truly exquisite! Love it!