Friday, July 24, 2009

Yo!!! Retreat Ladies

Hello All

As some of you may know I am going again to Crazy Quilt Retreat. This year in Breckenridge. Hubby and I and the girls took a detour thru Breckenridge on the way to Denver this afternoon. to check it out. Hubby likes me to know where I am going so I get familiar with an area before I drive there by myself. It really does forestall a lot of problems.Such as me loosing my temper when I get lost. Not that I do that very often ( yea right:)

So above is a pic of the house most of the ladies will be staying at

And to whet your appetites for the mountains . Here are a few pics to get you started

There is quite a bit of touristy shopping there which is always fun. Also a few bead stores and a brand new Christmas Shoppe. I love Christmas Shoppes!!!
I think it might be fun if we went on a picnic one afternoon to Lake Dillion which is about 20 minutes away. It is a crime to come to Colorado and not see the Mountains and do a little bit of sight seeing
Hope to see LOTS of you there. We are up to 17 so far


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour Lauri, very nice! I think we should do a picnic too! And a Christmas Shoppe, yipee!!! Debbie (Maine)

Cathy K said...

Lauri, it was so thoughtful of you to visit and take these pictures for us. Now I'm up to a 9 on an excitement scale of 1-10 (saving that 10 for the week before, LOL). Your picnic idea is GREAT! :-) This is going to be so fun! Hugs, Cathy

Sharkeysday said...

I'm SO tempted!!!