Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ain't Gonna Happen

Hello All

Just some pics to get you up to date. It ain't gonna happen. This quilt will not be done by the 17th. I could have rushed it and got it done. But I have put so much time, effort and money into this that I don't want to rush it just to get it done,
I'd say the embellishments are about 80% done at this point. Then I need to put the 9 blocks together and do MORE embellishing.
Then I need to add some pieces to the sides so this will be round
The act of actually putting this quilt together with its false back and the quilting, then the real back and the binding will take at least 10 days

So this will be for next year. Stay tuned though I plan to keep working on this to have it done for the Retreat in September



Anonymous said...

Lauri, this is stunning! I can"t wait to see it in person..Debbie (Maine)

Maddie Can Fly said...

Oh man, I was wondering how you were going to meet that deadline. It's good that you not rush -- that blue ribbon will be waiting for you next year.

And I am still loving that pink octopus (and you know how I feel about pink (g)).

Cathy K said...

Hi Laurie, I'm sorry you didn't get it done in time for this year, but it's a winner either way.... and there's always next year. And I'm thrilled that we'll be able to see this masterpiece in person at the retreat in September! Love your octopus and the yellow submarine. You go, girl!! Hugs, Cathy

gocrazywithme said...

The octopus is great! I'm sort of glad you didn't find one as a pin, this is so much better!

Anonymous said...

Lauri, the stitching on your octopus is fantastic. Love his color, too! Lynn So/Cal

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I am loving watching the progress of this beautiful quilt, Lauri! i can't wait to see it in ColoraDO!!

Gerry Krueger said...

My dearest nukid....You need a larger venue for this quilt than your local fair... You MUST find something national because it is breathtaking... It could be a spectacular calendar in itself... Hugs and more hugs numom

JK said...

M'Lady, this is the first time I have been to your blog. Must forgive because I am notorious for not visiting blogs. :( And this is to my own detriment, because I have missed all the beauty that graces these pages. What can I say dear, dear lady..... There are no words that could possibly equal the most stunning work I have ever seen, in all my years of CQ'ing.

I'm sorry darlin you didn't make that show, but I was brought up to believe that all good things are worth waiting for, and the people who finally get to see this quilt at the next show, will definitely agree with that! You have and will always be a winner M'Lady...

Lisa said...

Lauri ~ this quilt is going to be such a stunner that it will be well worth waiting for next year! I love the octopus! And that beaded shell! Oh my! I may have to "borrow" that idea!

FredaB said...


I picked up your blog from MaryAnne in Canada and am so pleased that I did. I can truly say I have never seen work as good as this in any underwater quilt.

I agree with Gerry that you need a larger venue for this quilt. How about Houston? Maybe too late for this year but maybe next. How you do this with 5 children is amazing.
It is probably what keeps you going.

Just amazing work and I will be a reader of your blog now I have found you.



Momma Bear said...

I love your octopuss!
the use of beads is exceedingly clever!

Diane said...

This quilt is absolutely gorgeous. And exactly the kind of inspiration I need.
I have been searching and searching to find out how to do this kind of crazy patchwork but I can't find instructions anywhere. I was wondering if you have a blog post on how you do it or could direct me to some instructions. I saw something a long time ago but can't find it now :(

PS I can relate to the kids, laughs or long walks, and I definitely need another 10 hours a day!!!

Pamela Kellogg said...

Lauri, I couldn't find your email address here on your blog. I was wondering if you have a free moment, if you would contact me please. This is in regards to Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine. My email address is on my blog.

Thank you,
Pam Kellogg
Kitty & Me Designs