Saturday, April 04, 2009

Here we Go Again!!

Hello All,

Well it's that time of year again. County Fair time. So I am getting another quilt ready for it.

This time I decided to do an Under The Sea theme. I orginally had 12 blocks , but I got a brain storm idea so I only need 9 squares for now. I will show you that brainstorm if I get far enough along

This is how it was when I began

Then I took out a few patches here and there and replace them so it flowed better

This is the first block I did the seams on it

Here is is after

And a close up of some of the work

I have hundreds of ideas of things to include. We will jus have to see how many I can include on here. The way I like to embellish this will be a VERY crowded piece

Stay tuned, I hope to post once week on my progress. Hopefully you won't get bored

If you have questions on anything I do, be sure to ask. I am so used to doing some of this that I never know what too tell you about



gocrazywithme said...

OOO! I like that chevron/chain combination! But it still looks naked...have you weighed it yet?

pineapple_ing said...

Hi Lauri! I can see your changes and IMHO you made some wise ones and it does flow much better now for an under the sea theme. To bad for the HONKIN' Oranges this time though. I'm definately keeping an eye on this one as I love it already. Do you need some shells? I got some tiny ones... LMK
Hugs, ~ Ing :)