Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blocks, 5, 6 &7

Hello All

Of Course the pics loaded backwards. I can never seem to get them in the order I want

Here are a some seam details. I am in a quandary here. I want the seams to be able to stand on their own, But I have a 2 1/2 gallon bag of trims, laces and fibers I want to add. So some of these seams will be covered up. I can always go back and add to the thread embellishments later.

I am not the greatest at planning projects out before hand. Therefore I have some AHA moments and some ugg moments as I go

Obviously here are the blocks

This one is pretty plain but I do have some nice lace pieces that will liven it up

The mermaids are embroidered then colored in with crayons. Obviously some of these girls need a few more layers of wax.

I think I will add that last

Only 2 more to go

Check back soon

BTW I am so informative lately aren't I? Hopefully the pics speak for them selves



Louisiana Momma said...

very pretty - love your stitching.. so neat and tidy.. and I love the idea of mermaid blocks..

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm coming out of lurkdom to say how lovely the blocks are. It's making me want to get out my threads and get busy on something!
You mentioned that your pictures were loading backwards...after months of muttering about why that happens I finally 'got it'. Load the picture you want to have show up last, first. And so on. Imagine you're at the bottom of a set of stairs...your first picture(step) is the bottom one; the next picture (step) is the 2nd from the bottom. When you reach the top will be your top picture in your post. Clear as mud?? Hope it helps!

Cathy K said...

Laurie, I love your seam stitching - it is so perfect! This is really coming together beautifully. Will you show us the crayon technique when we're all together in September?? Hugs, Cathy

Sharkeysday said...

Oh, I think they're lovely! I think the amount of embellishing is lovely. I adore the colors too! :)