Monday, February 09, 2009

Hello All

Well what can I say? Things have been both hectic and eventful, yet also more of the same old same old

Since we last were together we have had 3 car accidents, 2 visits to the doctor, 1 ER visit, 1 trip to after hours care, about 6 xrays, 1 broken toe, 2 jammed fingers, 2 screwed up necks and..............

The only injuries from car accidents were a sore neck and some stiff muscles. 1 truck was totalled, this is the same one that almost rolled over in ravine the week before. The only thing that stopped the roll was the step put on so I could climb in and 1 lone rock

Other than that we have a smashed radiator and a fence that will be fixed by insurance.

Broken toe from a dropped lap top computer and jammed fingers from Basketball during PE

The other screwed up neck and shoulder and elbow and wrist and hand and fingers. Yes everything on the left side of the body is mine. When I worked at a fabric store years ago I dropped a 40lb roll of fabric right on my shoulder where the arm joint is.

I woke one day last month with a sore neck ( again) and by the middle of the week I was basically immobile

Nothing really major, no body extremely hurt ( other than the cursed truck) just a whole lot turmoil in the midst of utter sameness

On another matter. Hubby reconnected with an old family friend we haven't heard from in 20 years. Then his cousin he doesn't ever remember meeting found us through Hideko's blog.

Isn't it a small world?

Sorry to be so boring but that's all I have at the moment



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that was boring, I'd say that's quite eventful! I'm glad you are alright throughout all that!

Gerry said...

Good grief, how much excitement can on family stand? I don't mean to chuckle but this almost doesn't sound real.

I'm glad that you're all okay after the accidents - or mostly, anyway.