Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Pics Today

Hello All

I have nothing to show you today.
That is not to say I haven't been busy. I have. It's just that I am making a purse for a contest on CQI and there will be voting and we are not allowed to post any pics as to not influence the voting. I will say though that if you are familiar with my work you will probably be able to pick it out.
On another front, I am in a Secret Sister swap also. I keep meaning to add pics of what my SS had sent. There is only one problem. She sends such great stuff that I tend to tear it out of the package and use it right away. So I never get a chance to take a picture of me. She must know me pretty well or is just good at picking things I will like. Thank you whoever you are. Check Spelling
Not much work being done on Colorstudies right now. Though I do have 8-9 black fabrics to use for my borders.
Sorry for such a boring post. Just not getting a lot done with the girls home for Summer vacation now
I'll find the camera ( wherever it is) and post some more pics soon


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Well I do not know what CQI is but I am going to try to find it right now and go vote for you.

*grins* you are on my blog today!

Marg in Calgary said...

Hi Lauri,

I have no idea if I'd be eligible to vote for you (I'm Canadian, and not a member of CQI), but I understand. I'm working on a piece for SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) and won't post a thing about it till I know it's been accepted at the 'Synthesis' challenge -- sometime in late summer or early September. It's a bummer, not being able to share, but hey! It's fabulous that you are entering your piece, overcoming The Fear and getting Out There...and win or not, I am sure it will be fabulous (as all of your work I've seen to date is).

Best of Luck!