Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Colorstudies and Molly

Hello All

Here are the hot pink and turquoise blocks for my colorstudy project. I will be putting an all black cq border on with black and silver embellishments. Probably also a big spider web and spider in one color also

Here it is all sewn together. I thought it would be easier to put together before all the beading is done. I tend to put embellishments too far into the seam allowance and have to take them off and then resew. Unfortunately this makes the piece very heavy and it makes it a pain to get to the center blocks

And here is a pic of Molly on her Confirmation day, Tomorrow is her 8th grade Graduation. Just FYI for the family. Molly is now about 5'9" and only 13



Kathy said...

Beautiful blocks! Molly is adorable too, I hope she's done growing at 5'9.

Kathy said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Cat said...

Your color blocks are great! They really capture attention.

Congratulations to Molly! She's very pretty. Hope she loves being tall. I gained my height young as well and had the nic-name stretch thru 7th grade.

Gerry said...

Beautifully done blocks. I'm really surprised that you've got them completed already.

Molly's a cutie. Keep an eye on the boys ^0-0^

Susan said...

The blocks are beautiful. I'm not crazy about pink, but I like the pink one you've done even more than the blue one. Quite a rainbow when you put them all together!

Molly looks quite grown up. What a wonderful time of her life.

Wendy said...

Lauri, I think your color way blocks are gorgeous. What size are your blocks, these are so pretty